Monday, March 30, 2009

Park District Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday. the coldest day in March, we went to the Easter Egg Hunt at out Park District.  This was a free event, so I may sound ungrateful when I say this was worse that a train wreck.  There was no hunt, eggs were just thrown in the middle of a spray pained circle.   In a big field, there were probably 4 of the circles, separating the children by age.  And not a big circle either, maybe 50 feet in diameter.  Parents and their kids were lined up on the edge of the circle, no space was open.  Mike and I stood back, but pushed B up to the circle's edge.  Then at 10, the Easter Bunny said go.  There was a mad rush by parents to get their kids an egg.  I should mention B was in the 2 and under, so some kids needed parents to help, but, kids weren't picking up the eggs, parents were.  And not just one or two eggs.  When I saw what was happening, I went to help B and saw a women back up and grab her kid another egg.  I mean, you could see there weren't a lot of eggs, and there were a lot of people, wouldn't you just grab two?  Now, I am sure I sound like sour grapes because B did not get one egg, but it was frustrating.  It should have been called an egg grab.  And, parents should have stood back if their kids could walk.  One of the helpers saw that B didn't get any eggs and gave her a couple.  

I was thinking maybe I need to volunteer for next year's event.  Just standing there freezing my buns off, I had better ideas for for the hunt.  First of all, have sign ups so you know how many to expect.  Second, charge a nominal fee and get more eggs.  Or spread out over 2 days or times. Notice I am not complaining about the quality of items that were in the eggs, who cares, it should just be a fun event.  Why wouldn't they have the event in one of the many of the town's parks?  That way, maybe they could actually hide the eggs.  Or if they had to have it at a park district building, why not have bigger circles and spread it our a bit?  There was more than enough room - they even could have put the little kids on one side of the building and the bigger kids on the other.  

It is a good concept, it just needs a lot more organizing.  They did have free coffee which I appreciated, but there was gum inside one of B's eggs, what kid 2 and under can chew gum?  OK, that is a bit petty.  

B waiting for the egg hunt to start.

All bundled up.

B was exhausted.  She came home and fell asleep.

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