Friday, March 6, 2009

B Loves Her New "Backpack"

We are heading to Disney this month and my mother has been harping on me to get a leash for B so she doesn't run off.  Now, I have read some things where people think it's horrible to leash your child.  It it a little off-putting to call it a leash.  Restraint system?  Goldbug call it a 2-in-1 harness buddy.   This harness doubles as a backpack with a detachable animal tail.  See how I am justifying it?  I showed B all the options and she picked the unicorn.  It came yesterday and she put it right on!  B thinks the "tail" is cute.  

I am hoping she'll wear it at Disney.  Or even at the airport.   This way she can walk by herself, but not get lost in the crowd - especially at the airport where myself and my husband might have our hands full and can't hold her hand.  I hope this is successful, or else we'll just look like the jerks that leash our kid.  

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Lisa said...

We were at Disney in February and saw a lot of parents with these little backpacks on the tiny kids. The place was packed and I don't blame these parents one bit! I think it's a good idea...there is nothing wrong with being a cautious parent! :)