Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mini Boden has Arrived

I have received several of the items I ordered from Mini Boden and Boden.  Tuesday,  I received the Vintage Print T-shirt in 2-3y.  This is the smallest size offered, so I got it an hope it fits.  It looks big.  I love Boden but am so confused by the sizing.  Some stuff runs big, some small.  Boden says they have  new single sizes, but I found very little.  B wears a 3 in tops at J. Crew and a 2 in the pants (small and x-small).  In Boden I bought 1.5 -2y and 2-3y.  As I get the stuff I probably should have ordered all 2-3y, but I was afraid it would be huge.    I consulted their measurements, and thought clothes for a 38.5 inch child would be too long on my munchkin.   My problem all around is how much will she grow.  I probably shouldn't buy so much so early, but I can't help it.  

Vintage Print T-shirt
USPS brought a bunch of stuff on Wednesday.  The Fifties Bikini in pink, size 1.2 -2y.  This fit very well.  In fact, B saw it, put it right on and took a nap in it. 

Fifties Bikini

Just tried these on B.  They looked too little but they fit.
Stripy Sweatshorts

I am exchanging these.  These are the same size as the last
summer's pair, but an inch shorter.
Cropped Sweatpants

 I ordered this to wear under the Vintage Print T.  Even though
it is a size smaller, they are roughly the same size. May exchange for next size. 
B needs to try it on.
Boat Neck T-shirt

I thought this would be cute to wear to the park.  I do like
that all the drawstrings shown are functional.
Jersey Skort

This came yesterday.  It fit B perfectly.  Should I exchange it
for the bigger size?  Or just buy another if she outgrows it?  

Jersey Lined Anorak

 I want to get these to go with the jacket.
Just not sure what size to buy.

Hunter Kids Young Hunter (Toddler/Youth)

I am still waiting on  some other items for B.

What came for me?

Double Layer Twisted Top

Essential Crew

Ruffle Bikini Vest
Ruffle Bikini Vest in GRA (not sure the color name)

All seem to fit well.  I am still waiting for the bathing suit bottoms.  I have to say, I like the detail Boden gives with size charts.  Measurements for both you body and for the actual garment.  It really helped with purchasing my clothes.  With B, it is more a crapshoot.  The clothes sizes don't seem to be as consistent.  Hopefully Rod (the mailman) brings another package today.  

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