Tuesday, February 3, 2009

B's Tuesday Outfit

Today is a school day.  B woke up late - 8:10.  She was not motivated to get dressed, yet she picked out this skirt and t-shirt.  I added the socks and hoodie.  I had  "Just Curious" on the TV, so she wouldn't notice I was dressing her.  I couldn't even get her to look at me.  The socks are supposed to be knee socks, but they are soooo long, they are over-the-knee socks.  They must be a Crewcuts small, instead of x-small.   I wasn't thinking this morning that it would be cold outside, I thought it was in the 20's, it wasn't.  No hats, no mitts, and it was 8 degrees.  Officially earning me the bad mother title.  Oh well at least B looks cute.  

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