Wednesday, February 18, 2009

B's Wednesday Outfit

I try to take a photo of B every day, but sometimes she holds her hand out like a traffic cop and says "no picture."  Today, she asked me to get the camera and snap away.  She picked this sweater out.  I had a nice colorful one to wear - oh and she faked me out too. She approved one sweater and I got it half way on when she said, "no, not this one."  I do like this sweater, I just don't like it with grey jeans  - the only jeans she had clean.  I tried to get her to wear her denim skirt, but she wanted jeans.  Just like me.  

I asked B if she wanted to wear a headband, she said yes.

But you can see, it wasn't going to stay on for the day.

I was thinking, I buy her all these clothes, and she always looks like a ragamuffin.  I have these cute little outfits in mind, and B won't go for it.  I have the cutest Boden dress for the fall and every week I try to get B to wear.  "No thank you" she says.  Ahhhhh.......  I could save a ton of money if I just bought jeans, tees and hoodies.  I forgot, she would add fancy shoes.  go figure.  

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