Monday, February 2, 2009

Meet Harold: The Newest Member of Our Family

B has been asking for a blue fish for awhile now.  Our Whole Food's has two great fish tanks B loves to visit. She also asks to go to PetSmart to see the fish there.  I told her we would get a fish when it warmed up - who wants to take a fish outside when it's only 10 degrees?  Saturday was a warm day and she kept asking for a blue fish, so we went to PetSmart to look.  My plan was to get a betta, small bowl, and some food.  I got a little worried when my husband was looking at bigger tanks, wondering about all the fish and stuff.  I think he thought I wanted more, I was thinking he wanted more.  We got on the same page and came home with a small tank, a coupe of live plants, water conditioner, food, and of course, Harold.  


Harold's New Digs

Now the problem.  Even though I told B you cannot hold and cuddle fish, she didn't understand.  We brought Harold home and a breakdown ensued when B couldn't hold him.  Something else, Anna the cat was very interested in Harold.  We rigged a top so Anna can't go fishing and convinced B Harold needs to stay in the water.  We also watch B (and Anna) like a hawk.  Here's to Harold's long and happy life on James Street.

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