Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday 1 May 2011 - What Did We Do Today?

7:30 am - Wanted to kill Kayla and her wet nose (at 7am after Charley slept like CRAP).

Drank green tea.


Checked out Target's Calypso line.

Ate breakfast (greek yogurt and homemade granola).

Drank a cup of coffee.

Did art.

B and collaborated on this oil pastel piece.
Taught B the meaning of collaborate.

Drank green tea.

Took shower.


Made more tea.

11:00 am Went to Lowes to look for carpet for my Mom's house.

Bought plants at Lowes (and a squirrel proof bird feeder).

Went to get a pair of jeans (15% off at Jeans and a Cute Top Shop).

Ate a late lunch at Prasinos. (Had pommegranite green tea on ice.)

2:45 pm Put Charley to sleep. (Gee that sounds bad...)

Made tea.


Started chicken stock.

Planted new plants.

Dug for worms.


Started making hibiscus strawberry lemonade.

Dealt with cranky Charley when she woke up.


Worked on lemonade.

Made more tea.

5:00 pm Started this blog post.

Finished Lemonade.

Dug in the dirt.


6:00 pm Made chicken soup.

Ate chicken soup and drank lemonade.

(Let me tell how glad I am that Charley can feed
herself - well, except when I treat the clothing stains -
Layla takes care of whatever falls on the floor.)


Cleaned up mess. Decanted stock to cool before I freeze it. (5 quarts, 2 cups total.)


Read books.

9:30 pm Went up to get ready for bed.


7:52 am The next day. Worked on this blog post.

12:19 pm The next day. Finished blog post.

See the patterns. Get clothes dirty, mom washes them. Mom makes green tea to keep her calm. Actually, I probably only did 5 or so loads of laundry yesterday. I did sheets and towels. I usually only do 1 or two loads of laundry each day. But I do drink a lot of tea (and eat a lot of chocolate).

I have many more pictures to post. Easter (the Easter Bunny came to our house, did I post that?). Eating popcorn. Well doctor visits. Eye doctor visits.

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