Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Late May Photo Update

May is coming to a close. Of course, it is cold and rainy today, more like April. I am sure June will come in with 100% humidity and 100 degree weather.

What else is new on James Street? Not much. Sewing more. Kids outside whenever possible. Layla ate Charley's Keens (well, one shoe anyway). See, not much has changed. I am sleepy today. Must have something to do with it being pitch black when I woke up at 7 am. Seriously, B thought it was the middle of the night. But now the sun is shining...... So, I will need eye shades for my nap. HA! Like I will get a nap.

On with the pictures.

Here are some photos of Charley in the dress I made.

I'll see how well I made the dress. I now have to wash it.

This is from Sunday. Building with blocks while Mike mowed
thew lawn. Like B? She wanted to sleep "like" Mike.

B built a dolphin show. A ramp with a pool at the end.
There is even a place for the dolphin to dive through a hoop.

Seriously cute right?

Here is the dress I made B out of Mike's old shirt.
(Those lovely shoes are her new "blue and green mixed together" Keens.)
You should know I was injured making this dress. I sewed through (yes, out the back)
of my finger, the yanked it and split the tip. So lovely.
I am dedicated to my craft. HA!

This is the pose B really wants you to see.....

One day B wants to be like Fancy Nancy, the next day, a weird faced, mud covered worm whisperer. Yes, she actually calls herself a whisperer. Bug Whisperer, Toad Whisperer. Oh, Mike took her to Fermi Saturday morning to hunt for toads, frogs , snakes you name it. She got to hold a toad, but they saw frogs and snakes and buffalo. She had a blast. She hasn't wanted to go to school, but wants to go with Mike to work. She is my nature lover. OK, laundry and cutting out fabric for a new dress await. Oh, and my kids too. I won't forget about them.

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