Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

This post is about Easter week. We colored eggs, the park district bunny delivered baskets to the girls and we had two egg hunts. One at home and one at Lee's. B, of course, was into it. Surprisingly, Charley was into it too. She hunted for eggs, loved the big bunny and of course, ate chocolate. This is funny, we were walking in town, when a man dressed as a bunny was passing out chocolate. He gave Charely some, which she promptly ate. Then she made the more sign, then the bunny sign (meaning, she wanted more chocolate). While the signing is cute, and she gets her meaning across, actual WORDS would be nice.

Anyway. You would think, since Easter was so late this year, the weather would be good enough for some cute little Easter dresses for the girls. No such luck. It was leggings and wool sweaters for my sister's annual egg hunt. We still had fun and ate some good Easter food. Sausage, egg casserole (with sausage), some really good potato thing my sister made from the Williams Sonoma catalog, rolls, cake, ice cream, chocolate, it was a good day!

Coloring with the wax crayon.

B thought dyeing eggs was great.

So did Charley. Though she wasn't as
into it as B. Probably because the results aren't instant.

We did two dozen. There were some dropped casualties.

The kit came with stickers. I bought the kit at Williams-Sonoma.
The accessories were good, the dyes not so much.

Here is B waiting for the Bunny. Grandpa took the photos.
He and Pat were over to watch the kids while we
went to dinner with friends. We are decadent, aren't we?

He comes the bunny.

This is offered through our park district. Isn't it great?
Isn't the bunny so cute?

Here is Isabel goozing up Charley's basket.

Charley was up early Easter morning. We had to wake B up.

This is Chuck's Fur Real Kitty.
Isabel isn't sure about it.

Aren't they handsome? Especially
the crying baby. I swear, I was ready to leave Charley
at a truck stop that day.
That is Champ the dog.

How cute is the tutu from Aunt Lee?
And the magic wand? It makes this cool sound when you
turn it on.

And nary a seizure.

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Jennifer said...

Looks like it was tons of fun.

The next time you think of leaving Charley at a truck stop bring her to my house. ;)