Monday, May 2, 2011

April 2011. A Catch-up in Pictures.

As you can see from my previous post, there are reasons I don't post as much as I would like. The kids and animals (plus poor, oft neglected Mike) keep my from sitting down most of the time. So here is a round-out of the month (less Easter, I'll make that the next post).

Charley eating carrots in her fancy dress.
That she picked out. Weather must have
been nice that day. Maybe, the weather
has been BAD!

At B's school auction, we won a music basket.
Right up Chucky's alley. She loves it all.
This is a harmonica. Yes, she actually plays it.

Weather must have been bad this day.
B is scootering in the living room.

Sisterly love.

Well, one sister looks loving.
The other? You decide.

This is B's Incredible car.
(Like Mr. Incredible's from the movie.)

Hanging out watching Cars and eating popcorn.

Not too many photos. I am really lax. I did just take some of B and Isabel the cat doing sand art. Now, there is cat hair all over B's shirt. Iz is really shedding! Ahhhh!!!!! Spring. The time of animal hair and allergies. A coincidence? OK, off to do laundry. B is playing My Little Sand Box and Charley is sleeping.

Next post? I know you are waiting on pins and needles. Easter.

Wait, I forgot the doctor appointments. B is 40.5" and 33 pounds. ( I forget her percentile, but height is averageish and weight is low). Charley has slowed down a bit. 32" and 22 pounds. I think 75 percentile on height and maybe 30 on weight? Both kids got vaccines and neither cried! A miracle. Maybe it was the promise of the Dimples donuts waiting in the car. Another thing we found out at the doctor? Charley is anemic. We were advised to start the icky drops. I am trying to find all the iron rich foods I can and see what she'll eat. She had a 1/4 of Mike's hamburger yesterday. So today I bought grass fed organic beef (probably has way less iron then the meat at Jewel, right?) and I will make her some little burgers to dip in ketchup. That was Friday. Saturday, we went to the eye doctor for B. She is now wearing an eye patch 2 hours a day. I think you can see it in one of the photos from the last post. She isn't happy about it. The deal is she can't watch TV or the iPad without it. That seems to work. OK, Charley is up.

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