Monday, May 16, 2011

Mid-May Update

Not too much going on here. The kids are making me crazy as usual. B is signed up for skating, gymnastics and tennis, so that takes up some time. Charley is going to swimming, which she LOVES! She is also going to B's Montessori on Mondays as in introduction to the class she is starting this summer. This she does NOT love. Today she make it a little over an hour before they called me to come get her. Much better than the 2o minutes last week. What else? I may be jinxing it, but she has rocked with her potty training. She goes days without an accident. Of course, on the fifth day, she may only use the potty once and the floor the other 6 times...... But, she is really good. She was good at school too. Shadow fell down the basement stairs, so she is laid up and on some serious pain medication. I am not happy (imagine that) about the weather. We went to the zoo Friday and it dropped 20 degrees while we were there. And imagine, I actually brought sweat shirts. YEAH for being prepared. Charley, my non-sleeper, took a good nap today, so I practiced a bit on my sewing machine. I may actually have something to post by the weekend. You know, it takes some other bloggy person 20 minutes what it takes me a week to make. OK, on with what everyone ( and I mean Lee) wants, pictures.

Charley took a nap, so B and I broke out the
colored sand and glue.

Isabel joined us for a little love.

This day must have been warm. Shirtless Chuck, short sleeves
on B and cantaloupe.

I think they ate the whole thing within two days.
I am sure on the third day it was 30 degrees and
decidedly not cantaloupe weather.

B started ice skating a couple of Saturdays ago.
Lee, Jeana and Jordan came for the first lesson.
They provided lots of cheers for our first time skater.

Who did pretty well. She listened to the instructors, and
only fell a couple of times.

More importantly, she had a lot of fun and wanted to go back.

The girls made cardboard cars.

Boxes make the best toys. Mike, if you are reading this,
remind me of this next Christmas.


Charley's Mother's Day gift to me was a long nap.
B gave me a necklace and bracelet she made and Mike gave
me a beautiful necklace and a mug with my initial.
(B and I also had a Mother's Day tea at her school.)
Mike worked on the heap in the garage while B and I did
chalk drawing. And hopscotch. Mike eventually joined us.

Sometimes B is so cute.
OK, OK, all the time.

Mike taking over hopscotching was part of my Mother's Day gift too.

Mike cleaned out the sand and water table and just filled
it with water. The girls favorite. They can't tear themselves away.

Even to go to the bathroom. Both of them. I hate laundry.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
B loves these bugs. She calls them Dangly bugs.
Mike finally asked someone at work what they were.

As always, I will try to post more. I thought my camera had bit the dust, but Mike found the magic button inside to reset it. YEAH!

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