Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Photo Alert! Early April 2011

I always think I am going to post more, and I never do. Where does my time go? Laundry? Picking up the same stuff I picked up 15 minutes ago? Listening to B ask the 1000 questions she asks each day? Carrying my little cling-on Charley? Chasing Layla off the couch? Rounding up the wandering Shadow-dog? Or is it watching Bones on TV? Wherever the time goes, I need more!

Other than me not being able to do anything productive, everything around here is OK. Lots of art, lots time outside, kids making me insane, the usual. Charley is a year and three months. B is 4 1/2. They both are growing and changing. Charley still doesn't talk. No matter what. It's all sign language! It isn't like there is a shortage of actual words around her. We read 3o books a day. And she knows all the words. She can point out zebras, knows the color blue, can do simple puzzles and sort shapes (totally ready for Montessori, now if they only had a place for her....). But she just won't talk. Though I think she said baby and good girl. Her potty training has been going well. She had a bad day on Sunday (all over me) but other than that, she is letting us know when she has to go. Something else fairly new is Charley is climbing up and over everything. We were at the park yesterday, and she was climbing (or trying) up stuff like her big sister. Who she adores. Charley is trying to do all the stuff B does. They are interacting more and more. Charley waves goodbye (not says) when B leaves for school. They hug, cuddle and makes noise back and forth. It really is sweet. OK, there are lots of tears too. But the love almost makes up for the tears.

B is happy to be getting outside. Lots of bugs, dirt and worms. She keeps asking for a lizard or frog or something cold blooded she can keep in a cage. B s prolific in the art room. So much that I want to say, go play with toys. I am running out of room for all the finished projects and the walls are full! B has a great imagination, and I think the art room is where is makes it all come true. The thing B won't do is learn to read. She knows her letter sounds, knows the process, but won't read. She won't even do it for her teacher. Adamant that she doesn't how to read and doesn't want to learn. What kid, who loves books as much as she does, doesn't want to read?

And the two of them and food. You know, Mike and I really like food. We eat a fairly varied diet, trying lots of things (OK, I am not into game - rabbit? YUCK) but my girls are plain pasta! Charley eats a little better than B, but B used to eat better than she does now. Not a lot of variety. My friend's kids eat egg salad. B barely eats eggs and Charley won't touch them. OK, OK, my kids eat weird things, like olives, capers, sushi dinner (though lately it is just soup and rice), and they like raw veggies like cauliflower and broccoli, but we had grass fed filet and they wouldn't touch it!

OK, enough of my ramblings, on with the pictures.

Layla ripped B's wings and this is how (all
by herself) she fixed them. She is ingenious this one.

I think she did the headband herself too.

Nice pained look. She had a bit of leftover cough.
Climbs over everything!

Charley loves to play in the sink, but I have to
stand next to her so she doesn't fall off the stool.
I set her up on the floor with some bowls and cups, thinking she
would pour the water back and forth.

She dumped it all over herself. Repeatedly!
She had fun, that is all that matters.

These are all the sculptures B made with her new glue gun.

I was a bit nervous, but she understood that it could
burn her. She really had fun. The problem is the glue gun
is something we need to use while Charley is asleep.

Sometimes Charley and I do art while B is at school.
This way, I can concentrate of showing her new things.

As I have said before, Charley loves art as much
as B. Loves to paint.

I really need to expose to different mediums.

Though I bet she comes back to paint.

The weather this past Sunday was unbelievable!
Charley had so much fun hanging outside.
Mike set up the jumpy house, we brought out the Fropper.

And B's scooter too. B was outside from 9 am until we
made her come in for dinner after 5.

We spent some afternoons outside this week as well. The weather was nice, and our side porch is blocked from the wind so it is warm. Tuesday ( I wish I had taken photos) B and I sprayed watercolor onto paper with spray bottles. It was messy but fun. Yesterday was just front porch fun. Riding the Fropper and scooter, digging in the dirt, the usual. Monday, I actually don't remember too much, I know the girls were outside, because the had to take baths. So it must have been something dirty. I see this weekend will be cold. Maybe I will finally get all the stuff we took to Mexico put away. I finished the laundry and put it away, but there are some sandals that need to find a home as well as the leftover sunscreen and shell we found on the beach. So, wish me luck. Maybe by the end of the year, I'll finally get my house organized - maybe one of those shows or Real Simple magazine will want to come help me. Here's hoping!!!!!!

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So cute! That B is something else! Great pictures!