Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's June and What's Been Happening on James Street?

Lots, but nothing to recordable. We released butterflies. We've done art (yes, big shocker). Here's another shocker, we've played outside. Rain, sun, clouds. We've been out in it. We have been swimming at Lee's (Memorial Day and last Friday). Late spring cleaning (seriously, no more clothes, shoes or anything else - where did all this stuff come from?). I have been working FOREVER trying to make this dress for Charley (and I finished today. She is sleeping right now and probably going to tinkle it it). What else? B has been riding her bike (hurray for peer pressure - let's hope that is the last time I say that). I ordered Charley a Strider bike and gave her B's old helmet. That kid is hell bent on riding. We walked up town today (by the time this gets published it will be yesterday) and she whined the whole way, wanting to get down and tackled B off her bike, then sit on it, because, you know, she can't reach the wheels. I have called a speech therapist for Charley, maybe we can find out why she isn't talking. I know, I shouldn't be so worried. I believe she will cry less if she talks more. Really, I would much rather hear the annoying chatter than the constant whining and crying. You all think I am exaggerating. I am not. The kid needs to talk. Otherwise things are fine. Should I zip it and show you what you really want? Here are the pictures!

The first photos are from the butterfly release party at Peck Farm.
We have gone every year since B was one. Mike usually meets us there.
This is Charley's first year getting her own butterfly.

The thing with butterflies is you cannot touch their wings.
This year the kids got two butterflies and some help from
a butterfly expert.

How cool are B's braids? B got her hair done that morning and Roxanne
braided B's hair instead of drying it.
I am practicing so I can braid B's hair.

B is seriously cute sometimes.
Much better than with the mop she usually sports.

I really love butterfly houses. They are very peaceful.
We don't have a lot of butterflies in our yard. No sun, so not
a lot of flowers.

OK, the little one is cute too.

B got this from somewhere. I think it is a stripeasaurus.

Serious art face.

More serious art face. Charley is painting a dog.

This was rainy day play. Bath night followed.

Memorial Day at Camp Lee. Charley is a swimming fool.

So, Mike and I were burned. B and Charley were tan.
How does that work?

That hat ended up in the pool about a minute after I too the photo.

Isabel did not help with the spring cleaning. She laid around
in this bag all day.

Nice thing about spring cleaning? I found this old dress
of B's (the the black boots) and Charley loves them.

Aren't these pjs cute?

These girls love books. (that is Shadow's new bed. Layla
has not chewed it, but a cat thought it was the new litter box.
I am washing it now.)

We walked up town to get Charley a bike helmet.
None were small enough, so B got a new helmet and
Charley got her old one.

B is a biking fool. It is all thanks to the kids
down the street. They rode by this past week.
That evening, B asked for her bike (the one we've had since 2009).

This is the dress I made for Charley.
It took me more than a week. But I made my own
bias tape. And I used the serger my cousin
Barb gave me. I am using it more and more. (I put a
rolled hem on the wings I am making B.)

It looks a little bit like a hospital gown.
But I made it!

Here is the bike drama. Charley loves B's bike.
Her Strider came yesterday. I'll have photos soon.
Mostly she stands there and whines. She wants us to push her on it.
I'll have photos soon.

We have a little fish pond in town. The girls love
to visit it. We were sweaty when we got home. Especially B.
She rode to town and back. I am so proud of her!

So, not much else her. It is now Tuesday and Charley had her first gymnastics class. Her and B have class at the same time. Charley did OK. She is youngest by at least four months. Charley just wants to do what B is doing. We may be in trouble......

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