Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just A Few New Pictures

What has been happening on James Street you want to know? They are redoing to sewers. Dust and gravel everywhere! Big holes, big machines, oh and lots of bad weather. Why is that? Summer? I think summer has started at least by the calender. Here on James Street? 65 and rainy.

What else? Charley has started her speech therapy. Of course, she only wants to work with B and Mike. Perhaps Mommy exerts to much pressure? Speak already! Charley has also been through two weeks of Montessori. She is doing better. Now she only cries when I leave - this is opposed to last week when she started crying when I pulled in the school driveway and turned the car off. I wish I were taking pictures of her each day as she leaves, but truly, we are lucky to get out the door. One, promptness is not my strong suit and two, I have to wake Charley up every day, and some days, like this morning, she is a grump. It took 10 minutes just to get her out of bed.

Young Beatrix has turned into a swimming fool. Three weeks ago, she wouldn't put her head under the water. Now, we couldn't get her to stop if we tried. OK, and we've tried. She wants to put her head under and swim in the bath. No, our bathtub isn't big enough, especially when Charley is in the tub with B. Our outside time has been hindered by the weather (see above) so, maybe we've watched a bit too much of Danny Phantom and B's new favorite, The Wild Kratts.

Here is a neat photo I did of Charley and me using the Photobooth
program on the computer.

I love to watch Charley draw. Circles are her big thing.

Father's Day at Camp Lee.

My girls love their cousins.

All the J's (Jeana, Jess and Jordan) are so
good with B and Charley. They get B to do things she
normally wouldn't. And the food at Camp Lee
is pretty good too.

I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies. They were OK. I think next time I will bake them a bit less.

I am still sewing a bit. I am going to start a Tumblr to keep track of project ideas. I have a decent stash of fabric, lots of old shirts of Mike's and some of mine and my Mom's (those are earmarked for Charley, there wasn't too much meat on my Mom's bones). As I am waiting for the Uverse guy AGAIN (!), I thought I would go through my fabric and think of some projects to have on deck for the quiet times (HA) in my life.

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