Monday, June 13, 2011

Where O Where Has the Nice Weather Gone?

Before I start, this is my 296th blog post. Yes, 300 is coming soon, I figure at the rate I am going, 300 will be in August (wait, should I time it with another milestone?).

OK, what has been going on since the last post? Both girls have started summer school, gymnastics and swim lessons. The weather has been crappy, but we are still out and about in the yard. YUCK! It has been humid and cold, all on the same day. What else? Today is niece Jeana's 16th Birthday! Happy Birthday!!!! Yesterday, we went to visit Jeana after we went to Rick Bayless's Farm Foundation Festival. We've also been working around the house. De-cluttering (have I mentioned that I am never buying anything else?), spring cleaning, LAUNDRY, WEEDING! YUCK!

Now, to what you've all been waiting for.....PICTURES!

B took the following photos:

Shadow and Layla-Belle.

Charley hating her bike. Is it because it isn't pink?
I suspect that is the reason. 'Cause she sure
wants to ride B's.

Self Portrait entitled,
"Here's My Mug."

B's wings. I finally finished them.
Good news. she likes them.
Bad news, they need to be washed.
Will they survive? I did make them you know.

Dress up time from yesterday. See, the wings are a winner.
So is the tutu Lee gave Charley for Easter.
The wings and crown were left by Santa.

Charley thinks she is all that and a bag of chips.

B is flying everywhere!

They have been playing together more and more.

All and all, things are going OK. I want to sew more and I want to get the art room re-organized (for the 5th time this year). We all take stuff out (some may dump things on the floor) and don't put it back. The room is so small, that it only takes a couple of days and it is CHAOS! (I do love the CAPS today, don't I?) OK, Mike is de-cluttering without me, I better go toe the line. TTFN and Happy Birthday Jeana!

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