Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Comes To James Street - 2009

Well, again sleep was elusive. This time I just got out of bed at 5:30. Had a clementine (my addiction right now) and a some of my crappy fudge. Around 6:50, I heard B calling for me (OK, calling me so she could hug and kiss Charlie - in my belly. It has been 37 weeks of B hanging on, (now hanging off) my belly. I am tired of it.) I told her Santa came (this is called belly deflection) and asked if she wanted to go downstairs. "Oh yes!" she said. Mike went down to turn on the Christmas trees, while B made a potty stop. Then, Christmas started.

OK, I thought B would be a little more enthralled than she was. Did Santa not bring the right stuff? Of course, up until the 23rd she would mention something new. I mean, how can a Santa keep up - or "make" it all - he does have a limit on his resources.

Anyway, her "big" present was Spike, the Ultra Dinosaur. Which she wouldn't let us take out of the box! Seriously, we visited it at Target, about 50 times, then watched the Spike video about 30 times. I was a bit disappointed. The big hit, of course, were dinosaurs and a Fur Real Kitty.

On the TV is B's favorite show, PBS's
Dinosaur Train.

Again,B loved the dinos she received and lined them up with the others she has. (Lee also gave her some rad Playmobil dinosaur playsets. Which B played with all Christmas Eve night.) B then found a random box in the other room. Apparently, Santa dropped it on the way in the house (he wasn't allowed to come down the chimney right next to B's tree - he had to come in the front door). Santa was very tired Christmas Eve night.

Fur Real Kitty or as B calls her Izzy (after one of our cats) was a hit because each of our three cats is a vile, mean creature - at least to B, well, and anyone else that isn't Mike or me. Actually, one cat is pretty stand-offish to everyone. A couple of days ago, I was watching the show The Closer, and it showed a tiny kitty. B asked me if that kitty bites and would that kitty love her. My heart totally broke. But is mended a bit when I saw how much she liked the fake cat. Which by the way, is eerily life-like. I found when I held it, it was hard not to pet it. It purrs, and rolls over and meows to get attention if you ignore it for too long.

While B played, Mike set up his new Wii Grand Slam Tennis my sister gave him. (OK, he is still playing. He is obsessed!) We showered up and got ready for Mike's Dad to come over for (a mid-morning) breakfast. I made a Smitten Kitchen spinach and egg casserole and Mike made pancakes and bacon. It was a nice visit and B loved her Little Pet Shop, pet shop. Of course, the dinosaurs were the ones with the pets. Isn't a three year olds imagination a cool thing?

Mike's Dad puts together the coolest gift every year. He buys a giant tote (like a Rubbermaid) and fills it with odds and ends from the hardware store and/or Target. Bird food, Goop (a de-greaser), candy, little dinos and fish for B, a can of stuff that foams out and fills holes, dish towels, totally random, very useful stuff. All wrapped individually, of course. He also gave me another battery charger and a thing so I can play music from my iPhone over the car radio. Yeah!

We then hiked up to my sister's in the gently falling snow. There we had a nice, relaxing time - OK, relaxing because she and her husband did all the work. I just made a salad. Still, B loves her cousins. Those girls really play so well with B and just love her up.

She is probably eating a cookie. Nutrition doesn't
seem to be a part of Christmas.

Mike played Wii with the kids and I pretty much sat there half asleep. We had a great dinner. Oh, and my sister's house looked incredible!!!! She really knows how to decorate for Christmas. Everything looked so nice, her attention to detail was amazing. She had four big trees and a bunch of little ones too. Greenery on the lights and sconces, even her table looked great.

Mike and Jess playing Wii.

Mike and Skates. Aren't they cute?

We headed home a little before 9 and the snow was unbelievable by the time we got home. My little trooper tried her hardest not to fall asleep and she almost made it, but succumbed about 20 minutes from home. There was quite a bit on snow on the ground (and it still hasn't stopped snowing. Mike thinks it has snowed about a foot). B went to bed and Mike and I stayed up and watch The World's Fasted Indian with Anthony Hopkins.

Why didn't I go straight to sleep? Because I am an idiot. I went to bed around midnight, woke up a couple of times for the obvious, and didn't wake up until 9:45 this morning - along with B. So, I feel much better today. Still in my Pjs as I write this, but, oh well. Here are some pictures from today - including one with Spike out of the box. I was so excited!

I don't now who like him more, me or B.

Santa also brought B a baby (named Charlie of course)
that can go in the bathtub. I should mention, B loves
to take a bath, and always wants toys that can join her. The bonus?
It goes to the bathroom. That was good for a lot of laughs today.

My little bathing beauty. Early bath, early
to bed, I hope. And I mean me too!

So, now that Christmas is over, the baby can come anytime. Wait, let me clarify. After we get the house cleaned up a bit. Oh, and I get one more really good nights sleep.

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Jennifer said...

It looks like you had a great holiday. Now, onto Charlie....can't wait!