Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve on James Street

First things first, I am glad Christmas Eve is over. Yes I know. Bah Humbug. But, in my defense, it is our big day. We have the festivities at our house. We open presents, so all the gifts have to be wrapped. We have food, so it all has to be bought and prepped (though this year, well and every year, my sister brought great stuff. This year, Ina Garten's stuffed mushrooms, twice baked potatoes and lobster soup - the latter two a tradition.) The house needs to be clean - which this year it already was. Mike has been on top of the dusting and vacuuming and I have been on top of the clutter (plus we cleaned the kitchen pretty well on Wednesday). And, I didn't sleep either. Up from 2 to 6. Yes, I was the living dead by 9 pm. (And no, I have not slept much last night either. I was up at four, and out of bed at 5:30 am. I got tired of lying there.)

Still, despite the angry elf in the house (that would be me), Christmas Eve turned out pretty well. Mike and I were ahead of schedule. I got to put my feet up for about a half hour before my family started to arrive. (Thanks to my husband who put all the hors d'oeuvres together so I could rest a bit.) B wore a dress and let Mike fix her hair. And my sister and her family made it safely despite the crappy weather. Lots of rain, wind and ice.

Homemade snicker bars. I made fudge too.
It didn't turn out. Every year, it doesn't turn out.
You would think I would finally learn my lesson.

Quite honestly, I didn't get as much accomplished this year as I would have liked. I wanted to give my friends and neighbors some of my homemade treats (I was too lazy to make more) and I didn't get Sandy's package mailed. Really, this year, I am just not in the Christmas spirit. I think that had a lot to do with my lack of accomplishments.

B opening a package from Sandy. It is a cool block
puzzle. B played with it all morning.

I got a gratin dish out of the basement and
found it was a grave this "little" guy. B was
instantly enthralled.

She wanted me to pet it. No f-ing way.

Three of my sister's kids. Excited to open presents.
I remember when they were B's age. I am old.

Jeana and Joe.

Lee gave B this cool dino hat and mitts set.
(Isn't B's dress cute? I can't believe she actually wore it.)

Jess, B and T-rex.

Grammy got B the dragon castle. Did he get any gifts
a girl would like, you ask? Some clothes and a Kai-Lan
set (which she wanted because it had a dragon boat).

Big Tony and Mike.


How huge am I? Really, if I knew I looked
this big, I would have worn a tent.

Joe, Jordan, Jessica, B and Jeana.

Having a good laugh.

B, Eileen, Ryan and Maggie.

Dragon Castle.


B took this photo of her new T-Rex.

This is right before we went up to bed. B loves her
new dragon.

All in all the day was fine. Food was good, Lee and Dorota helped immensely with the dishes and, important to me, B had a good time. Oh, also important to me, did not go into labor. I wanted a baby free holiday. Tune in next time for a Christmas Day review.

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nicole ray said...

Love B's dress and leggings, super cute. Looks like she liked it too.