Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Visit to Santa

B as been talking about going to see Santa for about a week. We wanted to go last Friday, but were too late. So, tonight was the night. B was very excited. I didn't think she would have a problem at all. While we waited out in the cold (our Santa House is a little decorated trailer downtown) B chatted up the kids in front of us. When we went into the house, and her turn was a couple kids away, she started to get shy. B needed a little nudge, but she went up to Santa, and he hoisted her into his lap. She asked Santa for a dinosaur that puffs air out of his belly - could she mean Spike? The pictures aren't great, but it is a memory.

B is making sure I am still standing there.

Telling Santa what she wants.

B is almost smiling, but Santa is looking at me.

When we got back to the car - yes we drove, it is cold! - B wanted to know why Santa didn't give her the presents she wanted. The kid knows which dinosaur is an herbivore or carnivore, but cannot get the concept of waiting until Christmas morning for Santa presents. I reminded her she got a candy cane. Now she keeps asking me if she ate enough dinner so she can eat the candy cane. Aye, yi, yi!

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