Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Made These! A Crafty Christmas

I really love the idea of making things. I have great ideas, buy materials, good intentions. It is the execution where I fail. However, this year, I have lofty expectations and made good on some of them. And I apologize for my crappy photography.

My Christmas cards. Each part is either cut
with a punch (snowman and snowflakes) or by hand
(the trees). I painted and flocked the bottom.
I only made 30, which wasn't enough, but I ran
out of steam. I started about a month ago and did a
couple of steps of so at a time.

This inside - I am not crazy about it. This is the
part I feel is never right. They are stamped and embossed.

Homemade envelope liners. I used
a template from the Paper Source.

I made five in this lavender/purple
combination for each teacher. I used Versamark (clear ink) as
well as clear embossing powder (love this stuff).
Someone from the Paper Source (in Oak Park)
helped me choose the stamps.

I made five cards in grey for each teacher.
The color isn't reading well at all. They cards
were grey, and the envelopes cement.

I packaged the cards in homemade envelopes.
I also added a gift card for the local mall.
(to make up for any shortcomings with my homemade stuff)

This is a box of homemade peanut brittle for B's.
teachers. Usually I use tins, but got green (and a little
cheap) this year and ordered candy boxes. The
card is glittered, with punchouts. (There is a
snowflake that you can't see because of the flash.)

This is a finished envelope.

This is a coffee bag full of homemade
"moose munch." Caramel corn with cashews.
macadamias and almonds. Again for the teachers.

I really have more stuff to make, but again, I am running out of steam. Yesterday, I made the peanut brittle and also roll out sugar cookies and frosting for B's class party. And laundry, and wrapping and , and, and..... I don't know how everyone else gets so much done. Jenn, I am thinking about you.

I still need to wrap (I wrapped all the gifts my Mother gives) and make gift tags. I still want to make fudge and homemade snicker bars - and more peanut brittle and more moose munch. I am done with all the shopping (unless B decides she wants Spike, then I need to make a run to Target).

But I am done. I had to buy a new iPhone. Mine finally died. I dropped it at Pottery Barn (Sandy, are the green candles mossy or sage-y?) today and the "turn off the ringer" broke off and the phone went to a clear screen. OK, can you tell me why it cost a butt load to get a new phone? I don't mind paying for the phone, but why should I have to extend my contract and give them $18 to activate the phone. I do all the work! It is the same phone, same number etc. What a scam. Mike ordered me a case for it, so hopefully, when I drop the new one, it will stay safe in it's kevlar case.


Jennifer said...

Say what you will but your projects put me to shame. I seem to fall into the "lofty ideas no execution" camp when it comes to many of my crafty ideas. The craft store bags hanging in the closet are proof. Your cards are beautiful. You are so talented. Can you teach me to make envelopes - in your spare time?

Georgine said...

I always have the spare time for you. I bought templates for envelopes and envelope liners. Hard part is buying enough paper.