Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Am So Talented - NOT!

I am suffering from an after Christmas creative rut. I did so much stuff before the holiday, that I am at a loss now that there is nothing to do but wait to have a baby. I had some fabric lying around - stuff I had planned to use to make the baby some PJs, but got into card making instead - so I thought, I'll make Charlie and B matching PJ pants.

Since I was going to use a thermo knit, I thought I would try out the serger my cousin Barb gave me. I haven't used it much, mostly because I don't have a clue how to use it properly. I can thread it! Which actually intimidates most people, but, the sewing part is a bit of a mystery to me. Instead of looking at a book and figuring out the right way of serging, I just went balls out, not knowing what is right and wrong. I serged up the side and hem for Charlie's pants, then used my regular sewing machine to finish the hem and waistband. They turned out alright.

The sides are a bit wonky, I think that has to do with the stretch factor and me not knowing how to deal with it. B's pants on the other hand, WAY bad. Bad pattern to start - the rise would fit me! One leg shorter than the other. Bad, Bad, very BAD! I really want to try again, I have the itch to sew something, but I don't think I have enough of the penguin material left. What I really need to do, it get my Serge U book out and practice with my stretchy scraps.

Instead, I went back to card making. My sister bought me this cool L Letterpress machine for Christmas. I bought some more inks and plates last week. I figure I can make my own baby announcement cards - you know - in my spare time. I read some tips on the internet, and set to work. Man, the machine is cool. The plates offered by Lifestyle Crafts are limited (and expensive) but it is a lot of fun to do. I also found a place that does custom plates - Boxcar Press. That is something I would like to do for our Christmas cards next year, since I always have issues with the insides of my cards.

Anyway, I started playing around. Got some ideas from the Lifestyle Crafts blog as well as from Archivers. And I have a mock up of the birth announcement. I will try to get some of it done before Charlie arrives. (Seriously, this kid has taken a hold and doesn't want to come out. It must not be a fan of cold weather. The temperature on James Street is a balmy 10 degrees.) Below are some ideas Archivers had posted:

Below is a letterpress print I did, then cut out with a die I bought for Valentines Day. (I forgot to mention, the L Letterpress also acts as a die cutter) Can you imagine? I didn't buy any red or pink ink. Do I dare go back to get it? I could use another press plate.

The object to the right is the die cutter.

I would like to see if I can find the letterpress paper a bit cheaper. The packs that are made for the L Letterpress are $6.99 a pack - and the square cards I bought for my announcements aren't even perfectly square! So, I am on the hunt for paper.

Doesn't my sister buy the coolest stuff? OK, off to print some more, or maybe sew. I don't know. I am bored, don't want to go outside (Sunday paper is still on the driveway) and I don't want to clean.

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