Monday, January 4, 2010

Sleepy B

With all the holiday festivities and Mike being home, B is terribly out of whack with her sleeping. Late nights and waking up early have stuck her back into a napping routine. However, she falls asleep after 4, and then is up past 10. A vicious cycle. We need to figure a way out of it.

THe thing is, she doesn't ask to nap, she just falls asleep. Usually on the couch, but today, at the kitchen island.

I documented the potty seat incident, so shall I document this.

OK, this is seriously sweet.

Apparently, B isn't the only tired one on the house.
Took these yesterday afternoon.

This is from this afternoon. Are we the worst parents ever?
By the way, she woke up and is now crying.
Poor thing is still tired and probably has a sore neck.

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Jennifer said...

Sweet pictures! Henry was way out of whack, too. Sleep Baby Sleep....