Monday, January 4, 2010

I Made These! Burp Clothes

So, I think I have said it before, but I am a tad bored. I kept myself busy making and doing before Christmas, and afterwards, I had a bit of a letdown. I came across these over at the Crap I've Made blog (look through the list for burp clothes). When I went to get our knives and scissors sharpened at Joann's last night, I picked up some material to make them. (I already had flat cloth diapers at home - already washed and ready to be used as plain burp clothes.) I picked the grey and black fabric to match my tote bag and clutch. Plus, it doesn't look like it would offend either gender.

I did the first one, just like Char. It went
pretty well. (I pre-washed and dried the material.)

Then I went crazy and tried the material
down the middle, just like this blog
(sans the ribbon).

I made a total of 2 each kind. I will probably make one more tomorrow. They really were fairly easy. The pattern of the fabric made it even easier for a non-sewer like me to hem and cute pretty straight. The only problem I had was the diapers themselves are wonky. They aren't square, and the middle panel is crooked on most of them. Other than that and some machine trouble (Hate that machine. I really will buy a new one - someday.) they were pretty easy.

I took these pictures after the sun went down.
Don't you love CFL bulbs? They are so yellow.

A also bought a yard and a half of this really cute dinosaur fabric. I don't know what I will do with it, maybe a cute dress for my own little t-rex?


Jennifer said...

You are so good. Cute stuff!

crafterhours said...

Hi, I couldn't find another way to reach you. It's Adrianna from Crafterhours responding about the rolled hem. I actually used my regular sewing machine with a rolled hem foot. The fabric does need to be lighter weight, but it did work on a quality quilting weight cotton too. I haven't played with the rolled hem on my serger yet. too afraid. yes, i fully admit that I am scared of that thing!