Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Sad Day on James Street

Yesterday we lost one of our best friends. Jake was Mike's dog when we met, but as Mike reminded me last night, I quickly invited Jake to become my dog too. Everyone loved Jake, I mean everyone. His gentle demeanor was in sharp contrast to his "sister" Shadow's.

When Shadow and Jake first met, 10 years ago, it was knock down, drag out, fighting. Poor Jake wanted to maintain his alpha dog status and Shadow made sure every challenge was shot down. Jake was just biding his time until Shadow was too lame to fight back.

Jake was always the good dog, to Shadow's badness. Jake was friendlier and sweeter. Yes, Jake had his faults. Sometimes he didn't find it necessary to go outside to lift his leg. Hence his nickname Pee Pee Boy. Jake also had what Mike called comforting breath (I never quite thought it was comforting, familiar and stinky was more like it). He also whined to get on the bed at night - he needed to be invited up. And he liked to join Shadow in a loud round of barking at whoever walked by the house.

Jake's favorite pass time was swimming. Whether it was in a lake in Hayward or in my Mother's pool, Jake solely focused on being in the water. In Wisconsin, from the moment he woke up, until he collapsed at night, he was either in the water, whining at the door, or standing on the dock waiting for something to get thrown in the water. At my Mom's, he stood outside the window crying until someone came out and threw the Pillsbury Dough Boy into the pool for him to fetch. We told B, heaven for Jake was a lake with plenty of stuff to chase.

Jake was a Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Quite a mouthful, and quite a rare dog. We always had people stopping us and asking about him. Jake had beautiful tawny eyes, and a cute fleshy pink nose. I love his nose - he poked you with it to get attention! One time in Hayward, Jake was running around on the shore, and a whole flock of ducks came swimming by the house to see the playful clown running around. Here are just a couple of pictures that are saved on our computer.

Swimming in Hayward.

Sleeping on the couch.

Frolicking in the snow.

With his sister Shadow. Our yin and yang dogs.
Black and Tan. Frick and Frack.

Who's out there? I'll get 'em.

Relaxing in the yard. B took this one.

As all beloved pets, Jake will sorely be missed. I know, I didn't want to come home from the gym this morning and have him not begging for a treat. Shadow is a bit lost too. Every time one of us comes home, she races outside to harass him. You know, you never know how much they mean to you when they are around. I need to remember that and make sure each of our animals gets the attention the deserve and need. We'll will miss you Jake. We love you!

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Jennifer said...

I am so sorry he is gone. It makes me want to cry. You wrote a beautiful tribute to a lucky dog.