Monday, October 5, 2009

B Turns Three!

So, yesterday was B's third birthday. Saturday night she slept with me, and we cuddled and talked about the day she was born. B was all smiles when she woke up. Not sure why she made this face in the picture below.

Seriously, I am only three today? I feel like a
40 year old. And I have the eye bags to
prove it.

Opening presents.

B eating the breakfast of champs. A cinnamon roll.
Those are her new dragons.

B's birthday sign.

I printed out coloring pages, then copied them onto
colored paper. It was easy, but took me awhile. I did
an animal a day.

This is the extent of my decorations.

I put one balloon bouquet on the dining
table, another on the buffet.

The jumpy house is from Dino Jump. I wanted
to make sure the kids had something to do. I am
glad the weather cooperated! Actually, this is
the first year since B's birth, that the temperature
was in the 60's. Her first birthday, 95 degrees.

I think we need a trampoline.

We lucked out. They set the Dino Jump up around
12:30. That is B in her pjs. It wasn't wasy to get her
changed into her birthday clothes. (Jeana helped.)

There is Grandpa in the back. I did a lousy job
of taking pictures this year. I usually try to take
one of everybody. The jumpers are (l-r): Luca,
Eileen, B and Wade.

My Dino jumping fiend. Never wanted to stop.

Present time. This triceratops moves
and roars on it's own.

The cool dinosaur is from Big Tony and Dorota.
(L-R): Wade, Lee (behind) B, Mike, Becky (in the orange)
Chase, and Cathie (in the purple).

(L to R): Max, B, Mike, Cathie P., and the back of
cousin Eileen's head. Jess sent her the Hotchkiss
sweatshirt (this is to replace the one she outgrew.
Thanks Jess!)

B had to open the Dino playset Lee gave her.
Almost couldn't tear her away for cake.

B's favorite cousin, Jeana. OK, there is a favorite cousin
tie between Jeana and her sister Jessica.

"Will there be enough cake for us?"
(These are our other children, Jake on the
left and Shadow on the right. Isabel, the cat, got
booted. She kept trying to eat the cake.)

B's cake. Carrot with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting.
Movable Feast made the cake, and it was good.
Way better than my carrot cake.

Lighting the candles. That is me in all my
pregnant glory.

B wasn't sure about all the singing and candle blowing.
Still, this is a rare photo of the three of us together.
Sniff. The three of us. I'll have to get used to the
four of us. Four is the magic number?

Instead of treat bags, B gave everyone cookies
from Lovin' Ovens. Aren't they cute? The bakery
isn't close, so Cathie P. picked them up for me.

B enjoying her cookie favor. Yeah, B's diet
yesterday kind of stunk!

It was a good day, filled with family and friends and (way too much) good food. My sister brought homemade potato chips with gorgonzola dip. They was incredible. And homemade pulled pork, mac and cheese from Movable Feast, lots of appetizers, homemade vanilla ice cream. And most of all, B had a really fun time. She enjoyed her guests. She was exhausted, even during the party (there was an "I don't want to share" tantrum), but I know she had fun. Isn't that the best present of all?

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Jennifer said...

It looks like she have an awesome day. Trust me, four is a magic number (yes, it is)!