Thursday, October 8, 2009

The One Thing I Like About Being Pregnant

There is (believe it or not) something I like about being pregnant. I really like to feel the baby kick. Sometimes, if I haven't felt him/her move recently, I eat a little something sweet or give my belly a little jiggle.

My ultimate favorite, is when B is hugs "Charlie" and is laughing at the same time, or just talking to him/her, the baby kicks. B, gets a kick out of that. She says, "Charlie likes my laugh." Just this morning, after she woke up, she was talking and laughing, and the baby was moving all around.

Now, when I tell B the baby could be a boy, she says it could be a girl. Then I say, it could be a boy, and back and forth and back and forth.

Maybe she knows something I don't?

B took this photo (with her very own camera, a
birthday gift from Grandpa - cool, isn't it?) of my giant,
almost 7 month belly. This is the only one I have. Of course,
B didn't ask if she could take a picture of my belly, she
asked if she could take a picture of Charlie.


Jennifer said...

Great photo. She loves him - I am pulling for a boy.

Anonymous said...

adorable- By the way, your belly is beautiful! and...GO BOY!!

Anonymous said...

oops- that was me...above