Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Trip to the Zoo

Late in August, I received a newsletter from Brookfield Zoo with their fall calendar of events. One of them was DinoNights. Yes, right up my B's alley. It was all she talked about. I explained we would go after her birthday - it started the evening of 16 October. Well, she saw a picture of the eerily lit dinosaur and said she didn't want to go. We decided it would be fun to do DinoNights during the day. So, Saturday,we were off to the zoo.

We got a late start, no arriving at the zoo until noon. That actually worked well, it was a bit warmer, and the entry wasn't crowded. We visited the big dino first, then had lunch. Then, B wanted to go into every store the zoo had. She was like this in Disney too. Doesn't ask for everything she sees, but loves to touch everything. We finally go her out of the store, and on to the animals. So, the first animals we saw? Geese. Imagine that.

They were lined up in formation. It was like they
were part of the costume parade happening in the background.

The next animal we saw? A frog statue. Why do we go to the zoo?

Mike, with B, on the frog.

the next place we went was the Swamp. One of B's favorite exhibits. Alligators, turtles, and snakes. Then onto..

...Tropic World. We hit the same places each time.
There are still parts of the zoo we haven't visited.

Yes, another non-animal. B loves the plastic animals.
This is because I deprived her of plastic toys
up until last year.

After the dragon, we hit the dinosaurs. There are no photos, because B wouldn't go through the exhibit. Yes, she is afraid of the dinos. Her true loves! The dinosaurs are life size, move and roar. They are really cool, but I can see how they are scary. B sat and looked through the door. I really think she wanted to go into dino forest, but just couldn't make herself go.

Dora and Boots were next.
(Boo at the Zoo was also happening.)

On the carousel. Won't ride the animals.
But oddly enough is not afraid of random costumed
characters like these....

Loved these guys!

Enjoying popcorn and her new dinosaur on the way home.

Aren't I cute and tired?

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Jennifer said...

Still trying to squelsh the fear of the giant Dora....Looks like a you a fun day. It's so great that you enjoy the zoo so often.