Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Made This Dress!

A couple months ago, I saw Heather Ross on the Martha show.  Heather and Martha made a faux smocked dress using elastic thread.  I saw the instructions on Martha's website, but decided I would buy Heather's book, Weekend Sewing, and get the real instructions.  Well, I am sorry to say, the instructions in the book were no better.  I trolled to internet to see what other people who made the smocked dress had to say.  

Well, other people's dresses looked good.  Must be my sewing machine I decided.  I gave up on that dress, and tried the Flower Girl dress from Weekend Sewing.

I bought the fabric a Joann's, intending to make B a skirt.  But, I was bound and determined to make a dress, and here it is:

It wasn't easy, but it wasn't hard either.  I had a lot of trouble getting the gathering even on the skirt.  I also had trouble with my machine.  Mike keeps telling me to get a new one, but, until now, I haven't listened.  When I was sewing the hem, my machine would chunk, and then I would get a nest of bobbin thread on the fabric.  YUCK!  Still, I am happy that the dress turned out as well as it did.  It isn't the prettiest when the skirt meets the top.  Here's to hoping B will actually wear it.

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Pink & Green Mama said...

Super cute!! Great job mama, sorry the sewing machine was acting up, my old machine started eating up bobbins and then it would only work when I used the hand crank instead of the foot pedal...that's when it found a new home. Now I have a simple machine I bought on sale with Kohls cash last far so good.