Monday, June 22, 2009

On the Table or in the Trash: Strawberry Short Cake and Icebox Cake

We had a busy weekend.  My friend Sandy was in town from Seattle, and we had dinner at our house Friday.  Saturday was swimming at my sister's.  Sunday was Father's Day and Mike's Dad came for dinner (Mike made homemade pizza (YUM) and I made the usual bruschetta salad.  I made the same salad on Friday but with french bread.  Not good, the bread has to be ciabatta).

Mike asked me to make icebox cake for Father's Day.  An idea he got from Deb at Smitten Kitchen.  I said OK, but first I wanted to make Deb's Strawberry Shortcake for Friday.  Our Green Market had great strawberries last week, so I also make strawberry sour cream ice cream.  

Here is a photo of the shortcake (we have compact
florescent lights, hence the yellow hue).  Don't
they look pretty?

Well, the taste, not so good.  Metallic from the 20 grams of baking powder.  Who knew.  So, I will be looking for Clabber Girl, Bob's Red Mill or Rumford Baking powder.  Thanks for the info Deb!!!!  So, we ate the cakes, but good thing we had ice cream too.  So On The Table for the recipe, In The Trash for the baking powder.

I wanted to make the Ice Box Cake Saturday evening, because it needs to be refrigerated overnight, but we got home late from Lee's and I was tired.  Oh, but my sister and brother in law made fabulous BBQ chicken, they brined it first.  It was so good.  

Back to the cake.  I put it together Sunday morning around 8, and we ate it around 6:30.  It was perfect.  I topped it with cocoa powder and chocolate.  I almost want to through the rest away, because I want to eat it all!  

Here is the beautiful ice box cake.
It as easy as it was tasty. 

So check out Smitten Kitchen.  She has wonderful recipes.  I want to try Deb's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake.  Actually chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and chocolate peanut butter glaze.  Total contest between that and carrot cake for my birthday.

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