Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Charlie is Six Months Old Today, Plus Some Other Photos

Here is a round up of the last week or so. I really need to take more pictures. We went to Lee's for the Fourth. No pictures. Mike's sister Kate's on the Third. No pictures. Swimming yesterday at the local pool. No pictures. Grandma's on Friday, well you get the picture.

Still, I do have some, so enjoy my cute kids.

B is chasing after bubbles. We blew
some big ones.

Blew some big ones, ha, ha.

Charlie sat on the front porch watching
and trying to grab any bubbles that came her way.

Here is where B got a hold of the camera.

B helped give Charlie a bath in the sink.

We washed the chlorine off her.

Here is Chuck enjoying some pizza crust.

She also had some cucumber spears. These
gave her a gassy tummy.

Here are Charlie's six month pictures. This is at
B's train table. I put her there. It is too high for
her to reach. But she is pulling herself up my hands.

She is very pleased with herself.

Look at that little smile. I think she likes
different perspectives. But hey, what do
I know, I am not a mind reader.

She is chunking up.

Her thighs are getting meaty.
Is she crawling yet, you ask? No, no, no. Is it killing me?
Yes. Will she ever crawl? I don't know. Now all she
wants to do is stand up. Instead of getting up on her
hands and knees, she is getting on her hands and feet.
That is not to say she isn't getting around. I am not
sure how she does it, but she isn't crawling.

B riding the hoppy horse, horning in
on Charlie's photo session.

Funny how I laugh even though she
is driving me crazy.

B needs more sleep (yes, who doesn't).
It stays light late and she won't
go to sleep until it is dark.

Here, she fell off dramatically. No,
she is not crying. She is laughing.

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