Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Events

It was a pretty quiet weekend. Well sort of. I complained a lot that there our house is too small for all our stuff. Then I ordered more shoes. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. How could I pass that up? Regardless, we need to get rid of stuff and organize the rest. Yes, I sing this song often. We must need to get rid of more. Like broken little plastic toys, oh and maybe some of my stuff too. I have a lot of bags lying around. Everyday diaper bag (a boat tote). A zoo diaper bag (smaller and lighter). The pool bag. B's school bag. All sitting by the door. I need help.

Not a lot of photos. Charlie eating ribs and all of us chalk painting. How did I make the paint? Check out this website. What else did we do this weekend? Swimming lessons and swimming in the pool. Mike worked on his car. Not much else, too hot. Oh, Charlie is doing a lot of pulling up and tonight, she stood up buy herself in the bath. Yes, freaked me out. Mike too. He walked in just as she did it. Now watch, she won't walk until she is a year and a half.

Charlie enjoying her ribs. I make good ribs.
Check out my recipe here.

She really just gnawed on the bone.

This is a photo of B eating ribs in Hayward. She is
10 months old.

B and Charlie really don't look alike. They are
similar. B has more hair and a rounder face.
But they are both cute. Can you tell I am their mother?

Our chalk painting studio.

Charlie trying to chew on anything.

B painted a cake.

My bunny and flower.

Mike's take on Jackson Pollack.

B painting her masterpiece.

Charlie crying because Mike took a leaf
out of her mouth.

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