Monday, July 12, 2010

We Had Waffles This Morning And Blueberry Ice Pops Last Week

B likes waffles for breakfast. Instead of home making them every day, I make extra and freeze them. Today I lucked out and it was not a school morning, so it was a little easier. And, guess who else likes waffles?

Yes, it is Charlie.

I cut the waffle into sticks. I don't know how
much she ate, but she liked making a mess with it.

Sitting at the island with big sister B.

Who likes her waffles with butter and occasionally
cinnamon honey.

That is B's tea cup. She likes her green tea
with a straw.

B enjoyed the home made pops, not Charlie.

That would have been an even bigger mess.

I made the ice pops for a little demonstration I did at B's school. I showed them how to make blueberry ice pops, cantaloupe sorbet and blackberry lemonade. YUM!


Jennifer said...

Love the pics.

Love my Zoku more. :)

Johanna said...

Great idea to freeze the waffles instead of homemaking them everyday! If we did that we could have them much more often than we do! Thanks for another tip. :)