Monday, September 30, 2013

First Day of School

So, B and Charley started school in August. B started FIRST GRADE! I can't believe it. I don't know who was more nervous, B or me. And school starts early. B has to be there by 7:55. Mike wakes her up around 6:45. Let's just say, by the end of the week, we are all tired.

Breakfast of Champions?

See Charley smiling? Yeah,not going to last when she realizes she is going to Montessori without B.

B was so excited and nervous. She wore one of her favorite dresses (that I made - the Figgy's Scirocco Dress) and had her new backpack and lunchbox (with a unch inside that I fretted over, the kid eats nothing!)

Here is the little sister, in her favorite dress, which I have hidden because I just can't look at it again.

B had to bring something to school with a couple of clues. She brought a dimetrodon. A prehistoric reptile from before dinosaurs.

We walk (ok, sometimes we drive, but for the first couple of weeks we walked to and from school).

B with some of her friends from Montessori.

Another Montessori friend.

There she goes... She is so little! ANd she had a huge growth spurt this summer!

This is the sissy when she realized she had to go to school without B.

Yeah, not much better when we actually got to school.

And one last thing, I made this cute little art smock fro Charley. It is from Oliver and S's book, Little Things to Wear?

And one more of my cutie. Charley has her own style and wanted me to do her hair with color and clips.

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