Sunday, May 5, 2013

Crazy Pictures of the Girls

Warning, there are a lot of photos of Charley.  It isn't deliberate, she is just home more than B.


I assume we were making waffles or pancakes.

A crown cookie for the princess. Complete with the required sprinkles.

This was a friday night at the All Chocolate Kitchen.  Sushi Dinner (or SD) first, then ice cream for Charley, something like an eclair or cheese pillow for B, a double dark and a coffee for me. and a coffee for Mike (he helps Chatch with her ice cream.)

Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles.  After school and after lunch, before we pick up B, we do puzzles.  

Here is one of B.  She came home from school with eye jewels that her friend gave her.  I need to watch my kids, they love body art. 

They also love their bathing suits in March.

Princess Baby?

I have no words, other than the kids made Marti Gras masks at school for the school auction.  Where we did not come home with the boat the kindergarteners made.  Another story that it.

These are the coolest markers. They are airbrush markers B got for Christmas.  So much fun - I want some.  (I can't seem to find them again to link to them.  I bought them at the Land Of Nod, but Amazon used to have them.  They probably have some chemical and were removed from the market.)

Future Bridezilla.

And her bridesmaid.

 Female Hobbit.

 These are B making Valentines for her school mates

Chatch has a styule all her own.

These two are from a party where there was a fairy and they had a face painter. 

It is always dress up time at our house. 

As well as art time.

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