Saturday, May 4, 2013

As I mentioned in the last post, our park district is pretty good.  Every year they put on a Daddy-Daughter dance.  B went last year, but this is the first year for Chatch.  (This first picture shows you Charley's usual emotional state since she has turned three)
The girls got dressed in some fancy clothes, and since Mike didn't have anything fancy, he went out that day to find something.  Add a tan and he cleans up pretty well.  They went out with a group of Dads and Daughters.  First for pizza, then to the dance.  I think they had fun.  But what do I know?  The dance was in February and now it is May.

Things were apparently looking up for her here.
 Put this one in a bubble stat!  Kindergarten graduation this year.  Seriously, this kid is killing me.

I am going to jinx it here, but these two are pretty close.  There are squabbles, and some you're the worst sister evers, but, they look out for each other. 
And if one is in trouble, you better bet, the other one is there trying to comfort the trouble maker.  If you try to separate them because they are arguing, they will cry to be playing again. 

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