Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cute dresses I made Chatch

I have been sewing a bit.  The girls need some fall things, and most of what B wore when she was three, Charley wont wear.  Namely jeans and tees.  That and Charley is so little through the middle, she needs a three length and a 24 months waist.  The kid needs to eat!  So dresses and leggings are the answer.

This dress (or Ebeneezer's nightgown) is a modification of the Figgy's Ayashe shirt. 

This is Leila and Ben's Sweet Dress where I gathered the neck and trimmed it in bias, lengthened the sleeves,  and added a sash to the seams to begin it it.   It is so cute, and so big (hence no live model).  Next year maybe?

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