Saturday, October 13, 2012

B's Actual 6th Birthday Day

I would like to tell you I took a ton of photos on this special day.  But I didn't.  My SD card went bad.  Weird huh?  Here is the first two hours, then nothing.  The highlights of later?  Grandpa and Pat came to celebrate with us.  We hit sushi dinner first, with a follow-up to the All Chocolate Kitchen.  Where Grandpa got B an birthday eclair complete with raspberry sauce and whipped cream.  B had a great day.


B took treats to school.  This is what she wanted, rice krispies that I doctored with M&Ms and sprinkles.

I cannot believe B is 6!  Selfish moment - when did I get six years older?   Want to see a picture of B as a baby?

She was a prosperous little baby.  Highly addicted to the milky.   Now? Addicted to cinnamon honey waffles.  What else to remember about B?  Loves kindergarten.  Reading and writing.  Awesome memory.  Very good with her little sister (most of the time).  Wakes up with incredible bed head.  Going to park district soccer and tennis.  Swimming very well.  Likes pink and purple. Wearing dress and sparkly shoes. Social, polite and a bit bossy.  Oh, and she thinks she is 36, not 6.

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