Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Made These! Felt Flower Hair Tchotchkes

I have been at a creative standstill. Selling the James Street house, packing, moving, unpacking, Christmas (you think Christmas would have motivated me to make something), now the floors; I just can't get moving.  And it isn't like it is easy for me to start to begin with - I am know to stand in my own way.  Not knowing what project to start, don't want to waste materials when it doesn't turn out, don't want to waste time - when it doesn't turn out.  Slippery slope, you know? 
I have done some little stuff, it it has been OK, but all I think about is making stuff.  I have been trolling around the internet looking at everyone else making stuff.  I am pinning every idea that I want to do.   I had to do SOMETHING!  Since Charley needed thank you notes (and I really need to write Christmas thank you's) I pulled out my L Letterpress and started practicing.   I have had this since Christmas of 2009, when Lee bought it for me.  I haven't done a lot with it since it takes practice.  I have been reading tips for using the press, and it really made a difference.  (Especially when I read I can use Goo Gone to clean off the ink - YEAH!  The cleaning clothes they sell are spendy - plus mine dried out).  I did get a different brayer than came with the kit.  That helped too.  
What I ended up doing is inking the thank you and blind embossing a doo dad.  I don't have a picture of the final product.  I will try to take on in the natural light.  I am doing stuff at one of the kitchen islands, in the late afternoon, so the light isn't great.


Next, I took inspiration from the internet and decided to make some felt flower hair clips and headbands.   Here are the blogs where I found the ideas:

I ordered the all wool felt from Felt on the Fly.   I ordered it to make a birthday crown for Charley, but it didn't come in time.  Plus, my little vagabonds need some hair help.  B is in the growing out stage and well Charley, let's just hope it is growing.  

Here are two - excellent picture.  I really need to work on my photography.  The light purple will go on a headband.  I think it will be too heavy in the girls hair if it is on a clip.  The little purple one is glued to a little barette.  (And if you look closely, you can see the blind embossing on the thank you card - sometimes it is good to do all your work on the kitchen island - HA!)


I like this one a lot.  For some reason I am loving peacock like feathers.  I have plans to do a peacock shirt for B using fabric paint, mod podge and glitter.  Maybe tomorrow.  Cross my fingers.  I am on a roll. 


Nichole said...

I *love* these...especially the headband at the bottom! Very botique-ish! I'm inspired!

Johanna said...

SO cute!!! Left it with the floor guy, along with Charley's necklace. Hope it made it back to you okay. Here is the exact scene. I ring the bell. He answers while chewing on a sucker like its his house. I ask if you are available. He says, "Ah, she just got in the shower." I cringe. Say I'll leave the bag in the fancy mailbox (although I don't tell him I think its fancy). Then he says he can leave it in the kitchen. Was it Mike, or the floor guy? Hope they are done soon.