Monday, January 9, 2012

Sandy (and John) from Seattle and Some Random Things

OK, this is the fourth time I have tried right an intro to this post!  I just can't get it right!  Suffice to say, one of my favorite people came into town and we got to see her (and her husband) twice.  Which was great considering how busy they were while they were here.  

We started with breakfast on New Year's Eve.

A little iPhone while we wait.

John and Mike looked like twins with their matching sweaters.
B is reading Sandy the book she just drew.

After breakfast, the girls and I ran to Target.  B got some cheetah printed duck tape and we bought Mike a remote control helicopter.  We we got home, it was art time.

B made a cheetah shirt for tennis.  Remind me to hide it come this thursday or she really will be wearing it to tennis.

Mike charged up the helicopter and away it went.

Sandy and John came over for soup that evening.  Aren't we rockin' party people?  Chicken soup!

Sandy brought some cool things for the kids.

Sandy got some Charley love!

Sandy is the chief supplier of cool puppets.  B loves this dragon!  John and Sandy didn't stay too late.  We filled them up with soup and rolls and sent them home to Sandy's grandchildren.  I was sad to see them go, but as soon as I wean Charley, I am going to Seattle for a visit.  By myself - don't tell Mike.

After they left, we headed over to Marci's house for our annual New Year's revelry.  The kids and Mike played the new video thing Santa brought Marci's kids - Kinex?  I think it was called.

New Years Day we spent a lot of time in our pjs.  In fact, I think the kids stayed in their pjs all day.  Mike had the brilliant idea to set up the jumpy house in the basement.  The kids had a blast!


Mike had Monday off also (YEAH!) so the kids and I made some stuff.  I made Chickie's birthday necklace and B made these:

And here is just a cute picture of my little pizza eater.  She should be gaining some weight, because she is eating more - and a variety too.  I have loosened the cookie reigns.  I have found if you let Charley have a cookie, she tends to ask for more food.  Weird huh?  It is like the cookie revs up her appetite.

They are working like little bees (ANNOYING bees) on the floors.  I feel displaced.  With trying to sell the house last summer, then the move, then the unpacking, then Christmas, there has been little time to relax.  Now this.  Yes, I know we asked for it.  I am just having a hard time with people in the house.  That, and they are all over.  We are all sitting in the kitchen right now.  Oh how I am dreaming of a comfy chair and Martha Stewart on the TV.....

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