Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Want To Know What's Been Happening Besides Johnspn Sitings? Here's The Skinny

I have pictures all the way back from Thanksgiving!  I have been meaning to do more blogging.  You know, like always.  But, truth be told, I am in the ho ho hum drums.  No Christmas spirit.  Not quite Scrooge.  I don't begrudge anyone their spirit.  But, Bah Humbug.  I must need fudge -STAT!

So here are some photos from Thanksgiving morning.  Art anyone? 

I made some Shrinky Dink Donut necklaces ala Lil Blue Boo.  (Please, no one remond me that they really don't look like the donuts Ashley made, these were drill free.)

B made a cheetah costume.

Mike found this outside the dining room doors.  He told the girls it was a pig snout.

We had a nice Thanksgiving with my sister and her family and well as Cathie P's family.  This is Charley's new gymnastic suit.  Purple is the "it" color in her life.
 B got a new suit too.

(Don't you love that my kids went cute then ate Thanksgiving dinner in the gymnastic suits?)

Here is Jess giving the girls a carpet rectangle ride.

So, Mike got tired of the stinky carpet in the girls room.  We all know why it's stinky, right Anna and Shadow? Let me tell you, Target and my 5% off everyday Target debit are my new best friends. We got a pink fluffy rug from there the same day.


This is B with a "new" backpack.  It was Charley's from the summer.  B came and asked for a Barbie backpack.  Excuse me?  BARBIE?  Where did she get that idea.  Thank God, I happened to have a pink and purple backpack waiting in the wings.  She was very happy.


Johnson ate all my chocolate.


Also from Target, a tree for the girl's room.  (See the pink rug?)  Mike put it up Sunday while I was being sickly.  (I still am, just coughing to much to actually sleep.)

B made a bunch or ornaments out of clay and painted them.

Johnson in his new location!


So, we hit Target again Sunday afternoon.  I don;t remember why.  Maybe vitamins?  Oh, and some baskets for my office.  What did we come home with?  A ho ho hat (Charley's words, verbatim) and this ornament tree B had to have - which is an odd hit with both kids.  Charley has carried it around every day, while wearing the ho ho hat.

Johnson landed in the tree that night.

So, while at Target (it's a disease!) Mike convinced me to get another fake tree since his hands get all break-outy when he puts the lights on a real tree.  (Rest assured gentle reader, there will still be live trees in the Brady house.  Humbug, or no Humbug.)  He set it up last night, and this afternoon the kids put ornaments on it.  Does the hat kill you? She wears it all the time.  Charley is almost as into Christmas as B is.  Loves to see Santa, knows about the presents (is related to me and Lee you know) loves the countdown calendar.  B. of course it very into it.  Lots of Christmas shows and St. Nick brought some new Christmas books. 

Then, this evening, inspired by No Time For Flashcards, the girls and I made a couple more glittery ornaments.

Finally, I finished a little painting for B's room.  It was inspired by Lil Blue Boo (yes, I spend to much time reading her blog and buying her clothes for the girls).  The painting isn't perfect (Charley actually colored on the first one I started, and on this one too).  I used my Silhouette to cut
"stencils."  I am working on Charley's now.  The dots and paisley's match B's comforter. I will try to get a frame (no, not from Target, maybe a Ribba from Ikea?) and get it up soon.


Well, I am up too late.  I will never get better unless I sleep.  But how to sleep if I am coughing and can't breathe?   And last night we had a dousy of a night.  Me not breathing, Charley restless, Shadowing needing out (all before 3am).  Then around three, Charley wet our bed, in the next second, B called out that she had to use the bathroom (and will not use the bathroom in her room, needs the one down the hall).  So Mike goes in to the girl's room while I strip our bed (holding a sleeping Chuck) and steps in Shadow's accident that she had before he let he out.  Total winner last night.  Mike will never let me have pets again!


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