Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life In The Brady House

So far, life in the Brady House is good. There are still boxes to unpack.  Stuff to organize and put away.  Mattresses to buy.  Leaves to rake.  Shelves to put together.  Snow clothes to find (because my Brady House readers, snow fell from the sky this afternoon). 

 Below is the front of the house. 

And that is the only picture you are getting until, you know, I unpack the boxes and organize and put stuff away.  Because there is still at least one unpacked box in each room.

But other than a plethora of boxes, I LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE.  Love it.  I drove past the James Street house last night (a house which I also loved) and I just felt a little bad for leaving it.  The Brady House has a great feeling.  I don't know what it is, but I am actually calmer in this house.  Now, this still means I yell at the kids and animals, but I do it less often.  Unless, like yesterday, we were late (later than usual) for school, B wouldn't go to the bathroom and get dressed and Shadow couldn't find me (I was in the bathroom harassing B to go) to let her out and went both numbers on the carpet.  Yes, the carpet, which as God as my witness will be history soon.  You know where everyone goes to make a mess, be it urine, poop or puke?  Or mud or leaves or MARKER (the second day we were here)?  No, no, no, not the hardwood floor, not the tile, NOT OUTSIDE, but the very light colored carpet.  We've lived in Bradyville for 2 weeks today and we have stains and, uhem, smells already.   But, as usual, I digress. 

I LOVE our new house.  Well, until I get the Nicor bill.  About 65%% of the outside walls are giant windows with sliders.  Beautiful light coming in, along with a nice chill.  I just ordered blankets for the girl's beds.  Girl's beds, you ask.  Yes, Charley is in B's old toddler bed.  Not sleeping with me.  (Who is, you ask?  Mike.  Very weird.  Two years he slept in the other room.  How long do you think he'll last with my snoring?)  How is it going with Charley in her own room/bed?  Well, let me tell you, the bags and circles under my eyes are substantial.  The past couple of nights Mike has gone to calm her, but when she rouses at 3 am, HE is sawing logs, so I go and lay with her.  In. A. Toddler. Bed.  OK, OK, I am not as tall as some people, but a toddler bed is really too small for Charley and I to share.   I ordered her the same bed as B's (there are sharing a room right now) but I forgot to get a mattress.  It has been over a week and I still haven't gotten a mattress.  Mike said I need to negotiate.  Then I looked a the Back to Bed website.  There are a lot of mattresses out there.  Which is the right one?  I am very intimidated.  I don't want to get a bad one.  So, because of my lack of mattress confidence, I am still sleeping part of the night in a bed to small for even Mike. 

So, back to how much I love our new house.  It is still close to everything.  I still see people from our old neighborhood (namely Marci, Markus, Max and Madison).    Layla seems to love the larger fenced in yard.  Shadow, well, Shadow loves the carpet - to POOP on.  She is old, almost 15 (this January), I suppose it is a lot for a dog that is over a 100 in people years.  The cats are doing well, too.  Isabel has taken up residence in my bedroom.  Anna, well, let's hope wherever Anna is, she isn't urinating on something I want to keep.  (I say, there is a lot of excrement in our house, isn't there?)

We have had some issue getting TV, internet and phone service.  We aren't having luck with Uverse, so we are trying Comcast this weekend.  I just want our old phone number, HD TV and internet that works in more than half the house.  

So, despite all the mess, the Brady House is great.  And in a couple of years, when I am finally unpacked, we have more furniture, and maybe some window blinds, the house will be fabulous.

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Johanna said...

I can't wait to come snoop around, I mean, welcome you to your new house! So excited for you, but James street misses you! xo