Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween at the Brady House

We've moved to our new home, the Brady House, as we call it. Ok, I will explain quickly. We each saw the house on the internet and when we told each other about it, we both called it the Brady House. The house is from the early 60's and is an A-frame.

Should I get to the important part? Pictures of the girls in their costumes?

B and Charley had a fun time. They went to a couple of houses around us, then we went to our old hood for a party. B went out trick or treating with all the kids. Charley stayed with me and ate soup. It was a great party. Good food, lots of kids and fun friends. Mike and I didn't dress up. We were the only ones. Our friends Marci and Markus had the best costumes. Marci was Flo from then progressive commercials and Markus was Mayhem from the Allstate ads. Marci had the winged eye liner and teased hair bump (and the white clothes and Progressive apron) and Markus had on a pink headband and a butterfly band aid at his temple. Cracked me up!

When we got home, it took a bit for the kids to chill. Even though they really didn't eat a ton of candy. We, I mean B, is slowly working through her bag of candy. Snickers and Milk Duds are mine!

We finally got Internet. So, I will take some proper photos of the house and post a post. I need to do some fancy change of address cards. Or not. My craft room (yes, a craft room. Yeah!) will be the last to get set up, so
I think I will do a combo Christmas card/moving announcement.

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