Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brady House Pictures

I took a couple of pictures of the house. 

This is the view from the family room door.  I was trying
to capture the snow the other day.  It was really
coming down!

This is the front courtyard, right outside the dining room.

Here is the art room.  It is supposed to be the kitchen
eating area.  But really, who needs more than one place
to eat? We have a dining room, we'll eat there. 

The kids love it.  We got the shelves (Ikea) Thursday and finished putting them together on Saturday.  Mike and I unpacked the supplies and the girls got right to work.  Stamping, play doh, painting, markers and clay.  Just since Saturday.  Isn't the light cute?  Ikea too.  The space is nice because there is a lot of light.  In the photo above, you can see the screen porch.  So there are windows on two sides of the room.  Hard to arrange furniture, but nice and light.

B is having a great time in the Brady House.  She has made some new friends.  Friends who run around outside!  B played outside with them yesterday and today.  They are older than her, but very sweet.  The oldest is 12, so I feel comfortable with B playing without constant supervision (that and I can see the yards across the street from the kitchen and laundry room window (which I also got put away this weekend.  Mud room/laundry room. Mike hung up these cute little racks for me to hang my clothes.)   Back to B, the girls are great.  They taught her how to jump rope!  I am glad for her.  The kids on James Street were younger and didn't play outside in the front like B did - plus the Brady House is on a street that is way less busy with traffic.  Mostly people walking their dogs (we are in the minority  - we never walk Shadow and Layla.  Mostly because of Shadow.  Since she is over a 100 in people years, just running around the house and yard with Layla are enough to wear her out and make her ache).

As I get more stuff put away, I will through up more pictures.  You'll never see the basement.  It is box city.  Next up, it the play room, my office and if I ever get a mattress, the girls room.  How scary can it be to buy a mattress?

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