Monday, June 7, 2010

Charlie Was 5 Months Old Yesterday!

Charlie was the big 5 months yesterday. Can't believe it. Seems like she was born 5 years ago. Oh well. What's new with her, you ask. Well, she is sitting up by herself. She is getting up on her hands and knees and rocking a bit. Scooting around on her stomach - backwards, turning around - like a 180 degrees. Likes to stand while she is holding your hand. Loves Shadow and the cats (pulled a big chunk of Isabel's hair out). Loves her big sister. Grabs everything. Loves the water. Scooted over to B's new dolphin show and put an arm in splashing around. Charlie is really a happy baby. Laughs a lot and smiles at everyone. Not a thing like her big sister B.

Enjoy the pictures.

I took this Thursday before school.

On the wall outside of Anthropologie.
B plotzed.

B. The camera hog.

I said camera hog already, didn't I?

Happy 5 Months Chuck!