Saturday, June 26, 2010

All Kinds of New Photos - June 19-26

We have had a marginally busy week. And we have been strangely social. B started swim lessons last Saturday. We had a birthday party after that. We thought about getting a new dog. My friend Sandy came over for dinner. More swimming on Father's Day, a visit to Grandpa's. Then just a lot of B and Charlie. Plus Swedish Days and friends visiting our little town.

My friend Sandy holding Charlie. B took this photo.
That is Susan in the back.

Sandy is from Seattle and Susan
is from Northern California - Berkeley I think?

Seriously cute right?

Self portrait.

I am really not as huge as I look. Vertically
or horizontally.

Grandpa sent this cool parrot to B. Just add
the salt water packet and......

Ta Da! Fluffy, salt crystally feathers.
Is Grandpa cool or what?

A nice peaceful Father's Day. Probably not
how Mike saw it.

Target had goggles on sale. Green is one of B's
favorite colors. The other is blue.

Huge Drooler. HUGE!

This is what he wore to the Green Market.
I had her in blue last week and every one
thought she was a boy. Hence the headband.

Charlie is waving a bit. Except when I try to show her off.

Meet Layla, our new puppy. She is a 9 month old
border collie/lab mix. She is pretty good. Likes to chew,
likes to jump, but is very sweet and lovable. Bonus,
she listens fairly well and is smart.
We are total idiots, but she need a home.

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Jennifer said...

Yaaaay!!!! We are so jealous of Layla. Did we see her on pet finders?
Oh, the girls are super cute, too. :)