Friday, May 1, 2009

I Made Bread!

We don't go through a lot of bread.  Maybe a loaf a week, but I hate the plastic bag that holds the bread.  As I vowed on Earth Day,  am reducing my packaging.  Making bread is the answer.  And surprising easy.  And the results were very tasty!

The recipe is from Cook's Illustrated.  It is the Multigrain Bread, using a 7 grain cereal mix as the base along with all-purpose and stone ground whole wheat flour.   I would post the recipe, but Cook's Illustrated is a subscription site and I am not sure if posting it is legal.  But if contacted, I may be able to give you my slightly altered version.

I usually buy Rudi's 7 grain bread, this is
very close in taste and texture.

This bread has sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds 
and is rolled in oats.  

I am truly surprised how well this bread came out.  The recipe makes 2 loaves, so I froze one.  I hope I can turn this into a bi-weekly habit.

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