Tuesday, May 5, 2009

B's Fancy New Shoes

B and I hit Target last Wednesday.  She caught a glimpse of these shoes and had to have them.

This is the first time she wore the shoes.  
We originally had jeans under the dress.

A close-up.  They are a little big.  She wore them
to dinner that night and to a party 
Saturday afternoon.

I should probably look for a good pair of shoes that look like these sparkly ones.    These rub a little and I can't imagine they are very supportive.  But B likes them, I guess that it what matters.  


Jennifer said...

We Downings love them, too!

Amanda said...

We have them too! Maddie has had them in pink, black and her current pair is white. She calls them her dancing shoes!

Addison said...

Love her shiny purple shoes... I would like to pick similar kind of shoes for my baby...

Three Dancing Magpies said...

Love them! Can't wait until my little girl embraces all things pink and sparkly!