Sunday, June 23, 2013

Butterfly Release Party 2013

I have mentioned what a great park district we have.  They have all sorts of fun things for kids.  One that we haven't missed in six years (OK, one year we didn't release butterflies because they were late coming from the airport.  The president was in town and had the highway shut down. We were there though.  Probably did a butterfly craft and had cookies and a juice pouch.).  The butterfly house release party.  Everyone who registers gets to release two butterflies(or four- we have been lucky in recent years and got extra).  My kids as well as their friends love it.  And it is even better when a butterfly lands on you.

Let's start with what Chatch is wearing.  This is a Figgy's Scirocco dress I made.  The skirt is different because I serged into the original flouncy skirt.  This is what happens when you are in a hurry.  I was lucky to have enough fabric left to do a circle skirt.  Both girls have a Scirocco dress (B has two I think) and they love the back.


Charley and I picked B up from school and headed out to the farm.  This is the first year Mike hasn't come with us.  Maybe he had a meeting?

B opened the package, which is amazing.  Not that she opened it, but that the butterflies are in little wax envelopes.  I asked how they got into the envelope, but no one knew.  That is how they come from the butterfly factory in Florida.

B got a big surprise when the first one landed on her (too big) tee. 

She was even more excited when the other joined the first.

  Here is Charley releasing hers with the help of the volunteer.

Let's talk about who has a hissy when the butterflies didn't land on her.

Sissy came through and got Charley a butterfly that perched oh her finger.

Our friend Robin took this one. 

Next time I need a picture of my girls together.  Or some with their friends.  I guess I should have brought my actual camera instead of relying on the ole' iPhone.

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