Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where Did May Go?

Seriously, May just flew by.  It doesn't help that I have been an unmotivated mess.  Not wanting to do anything except sit in my office making (or trying) things.  Poor Mike, there is a counter top full of dishes and a full dishwasher right now.  And the laundry!  Of course, since Isabel the cat has now taken on the title of "Cat who doesn't use the litterbox"  I am washing the bath mats daily.  ARG!!  Why do I keep adopting animals?

Anyway, I am sure you have missed the girls.  I mean, someone should want to see them right?  I have tried to find a boarding pre-school, but, you know what?  I can't find one.  I find it hard to believe I am the only mother who doesn't want to be around her kids right?  OK, I am kidding.  Or am I?

So, let's see, May.  Weird weather.  Some hot days.  Today is is freezing and rainy.  Poor B's class picnic got canceled.  And today was Charley's last day of Beginning Toddler.  I am a bit sad.  I like all the teachers at the school, but Mumtaz and Yuri are my favorite.  Mostly because they are so good with the tiny kids.  They teach the kids how to use silverware, drink from glasses (real glasses) clean up their messes, help potty train, keep on their slippers, the list goes on and on.  Wait, let me see if Charley is up.....  No, but I still want to get through this.  I need to wake her in 20 minutes.  I can't let her nap too long or it is  10:30 bedtime!  So, anyway, Chatch's teachers are the bomb.  So, a little sad on that front.  

OK, OK, I know why you are reading this, so I won't bore you with any more my drivel.

The first two pictures are from 2 May.  We were on the way to school.  We were already late, so what is another minute or so to take photos.

(I swear this one is fashion challenged.  Or maybe just the
next Betsy Johnson.  Oh God, she is fashion challenged.  Take a simple 
look and B trounces it up to be "fancy".)

6 May I made this little dress for Cha Cha.  A bit big, but man, she is a tiny little thing.  2t height, 18 month waist.

B had to get in on the picture taking too.  We have a fleet of scooters that the girls ride around the house.  I think this one made it outside.... must clean the wheels before B brings it back inside.  The girls ride them from the bedroom to the kitchen and back again.  We have a Sven scooter and one drives while the other rides on the back.

7 May After swimming, we played in the rain.  Not a lot of puddles around us, but we made due.  And saved some worms along the way.

(B had to be cold, I was freezing!)

8 May  Fun at Turtle Park. Can you believe it was nice after that crappy Monday weather?

9 May We took these pictures to put on cards for the girls' teachers for teacher appreciation week.


11 May This was a Friday.  Charley doesn't go to school on Friday, but has speech at home.  This is her doing art.  In her pink, pink Belle dress.

19 May Emile P's fabulous 1st birthday party.  Weather was great.  Pulled pork was great (Johanna, if you read this, Jason still hasn't given me the recipe). 

(B sharing her rock sugar candy.  Johanna always has good candy at her parties.)

21 May  Sweaty Betty.  The red, red Belle dress makes Chatch sweat like there is no tomorrow.

Also 21 May  Golf in the front yard.  I bought the kids some clubs at Target.  B really likes it.  Mike brings out his wedge and we hit balls too.  I almost still have it.  At least for the first couple shots.  Then it falls apart like my golf game of yore.


Best snack ever.  You don't get a lot in the bag, but boy are these freeze dried grapes good.  Pesticide pellets too, I imagine, since they are not organic.

23 May  Made this cute dress for B.  She informed me it isn't flouncy or bouncy enough.

25 May  Annual butterfly release party.


26 May  Ella's Pink Bowtique  How cute is Ella the Elephant.  They had cotton candy. B was excited.  Charley had popcorn.

27 May  Look at these cute unicorn headbands I made!  Mike and I made some things to take to mys sister's house that day.  We swam and laid in the sun and ate food.  YUM!

(My sister's mops.)

(Mop anklets)

 28 May  Yes, B slept in her cover up.  And made a butterfly.  This kid is so creative.  I have started saving and buying all kids of different stuff for building anything she wants.

30 May  Isabel (pee pee cat) and Charley napping

While they were napping I "whipped" up some stationery for Charley's teachers with my L Letterpress.  I put together some of my favorite things for the girls' teachers.  Vanilla from the Spice House, fancy hand soap, travel tea press mugs, note pads, hand sanitizer, diaper cream for B's teacher that is about to pop.  Fun stuff for them.

And that is all she wrote folks.  I am 10 minutes late to wake Charley and poor Mike is doing the dishes.  And I haven't made anything today.  That is the problem with blogging.  I always wonder how some of the other bloggers do it almost every day.  Do they sleep?  DO their kids sleep all the time?  See, I value sleep.  Man, I am already in a funk.  If I don't sleep and shower, my poor family would send me to live in Indiana - furniture or no furniture.   I have made stuff that I didn't post.  I tried spraying some fabric with simply spray.  I ironed some freezer paper craps to the leggings, sprayed the fabric dye, and it didn't work.  The color bled under the crabs.  I sprayed it on too heavy.  I also tried stamping some bike shorts using a stamp and paint.  Didn't work all that well.  Hence me ordering the teeny weeny stamp ink for fabric.  I feel good that I am trying stuff.  But again, I could spend all day in my little office be happy as a clam.   Oooohhhh, I better go and find one of those little kids boarding schools.........

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