Monday, April 30, 2012

I Should Be Putting Laundry Away - But You Know You Have Missed Me (And By Me, I Mean The Girls)

So, I should be putting laundry away (about a months worth, isn't that horrible?  I do have the kids stuff put away, but Mike's and mine?  No.) but here I am making all my Gentle Readers happy and posting some new pictures.  There are some of B and Charley, some of what we have done (sadly, not much) and some of the things I've made.  

Life in the Brady House has been a little, well, I hate to use the word rough, because, really, how rough can life be when you live in the Brady House?  If only we had an Alice......  OK, I am back.  Anyway, the weather has be weird, raining, overcast, cold, sometimes all on the same day.  We want to be outside - yeah, you're right, I don't want to be, but I want the girls to go out.  Mike and I have been sick.  Charley doesn't want to sleep, B wants to rule the world (God, let's hope it isn't in an evil way).  So, cross your fingers that the weather suns and warms up and these crazy kids can go outside and get out of my hair.  Good thing we have a fenced yard, huh?

One of the last warmish days, we went to Brookfield Zoo.  You know,I have to start bringing my camera, my phone takes OK pictures, but they are not great. 

 I sent this photo to Mike and my sister with the caption
"Chicken Laid an Egg."

 The girls and I love peacocks.  We probably stalked this one
a little too long.  He never did spread his tail.

I have done some sewing.  This is a dress I made up for B.  I should have found a pattern, it is a bit of a mess on the inside.  The material is a bit icky.  Like some polyesterish stretchy cotton jersey.  It turned out all right.  B loves it.

Below is the newest addition to the Brady house.  Introducing Two Scoops of Coco. 


B really wanted a new kitty and you know I am a sucker for a feline, so we adopted Scoops from HELP.  She was at Petsmart, and she is a very sweet little girl.  They called her Scoops, but really Scoops?  Of course, it fits in with all the weird names B gives out.  So, hopefully, Two Scoops of Coco will eventually turn into Coco.  TSoC is loveable, nice to the girls and uses her litterbox.  She is also camping out upstairs until she gets used to Layla the Crazy.  Here is my soapbox, there are so many kitties waiting to be adopted.  It makes me sad.  There were several at Petsmart.  Of course, one didn't come how with us because when I tried to pet her, she bit me!  She was playful though.......

Here is one of B's art projects.  I don't know if you can tell, but she built a reindeer out of who knows what. See, I am using my phone, I should pin the camera to my shirt.

Last week was Elsie Marley's Kids Clothing Challenge Week.  I did not sign up, because really, I am not going to post my meager offerings on someones Flicker board.  But I did get some cute things made.  First up is a dress that I modeled off of a dress I pinned.  I had the lime fabric and the turquoise flower trim.  I used the Valentina pattern and just extrapolated it into an aline dress.   I hand stitched the hem so it would be invisible. 


I also made B some bike shorts.  No picture here.  Boring.  I had a bunch last year (they are good under dresses and skirts) but I cannot find them ANYWHERE.  Note:  I may find them in the fall when I don't need them.  I finally found the hats, mittens and boots right before Easter.  Next I painted B this shirt using a stencil film and my Cameo.  The mane, tail and horn are glitter using glitter and Mod Podge Fabric.

I finished this tee last night using Made by Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee pattern.  The sleeves and neck are cut from one of my old shirts.  Which is good, I am having issues finding good knit fabric.  I am going to order some, but really, I just want to go to a store and buy some.  Joann's has a very disappointing supply.  OK, as I say this, the owl fabric is from there.

The girls have been "playing with each other" machines. Thank God!!!!  They may annoy each other in purpose, but the do play.  Here, B was mothering Charley and putting her down for a nap in a basket (my dirty laundry basket for my room).  Look at the following picture where B is reading to Charley.  It almost melts me heart and makes me want to keep them instead of dropping them off at a 294 oasis.

Last up is a pair of bike shorts (can't find hers either) for Charley.   These are painted with little unicorns.  I used my Silhouette and Reynolds Freezer paper.  I also drafted the pattern and it is OFF.  They will work, but they are crooked.   I also think I need a coverstitch machine.  Barb, if you are reading, do you use yours a lot?  Was it worth it?  I would keep the serger you (Barb) gave me, but just have one set up for cover stitching?  Though, the owl tee looks pretty good where I finished the edges with the serger and used a double needle at the hems.

This little one will be trouble.  I mean is trouble.  Look at those hot dog buns!

So, that is it here.  The laundry is still in the basket, I haven't showered (we had swim lessons today and that is the excuse I am going with) and the dishwasher needs emptying.  The good news is my office is clean and waiting for the next thing I am going to make.  I am not sure what that is, but last night I couldn't sleep with all the ideas going through my mind.  I have trouble when my bright idea (Charley's bike shorts) doesn't quite work.  I bought some fabric spray paint and want to try and "print" fabric for a dress for Charley.  I also want to get some fabric paint/ink that isn't stiff.  I found some at Dharma Trading, just can't decide which colors to get.  It is like the knit fabric I find online.  What is the right thing to get? Questions, questions, cross your toes I sleep tonight.  I have Piloxing tomorrow morning!

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