Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt/Easter 2012 (And Quite Possibly, A Ton Of Photos)

Easter is really not one of my favorite holidays.  Mike hates the cutesy decorations, and my sister hosts Easter at her house, so beyond dying eggs, hiding plastic ones filled with candy and the Bunny coming, I don't do a whole heck of a lot.  This year, I (stupidly) decided to invite all our friends and neighbors to our house for an egg hunt party.  What's worse, I decided this the Sunday before Easter.  The nice thing about buying decorations and plastic eggs and candy the week before Easter?  Sales.  THe party was nice because, though we've lived here for almost 6 months,  we haven't done a lot of entertaining.  This egg hunt took care of some social obligation, if you get my drift.

I think we dyed eggs on Tuesday after school.  And yes, Charley wore a Belle nightgown and crown to school.

The egg hunt was Saturday afternoon.  We lucked out, the weather was great.    Around noon, Mike and I hid 250 candy filled eggs.  We did three different areas.  One for the littles, one for the mediums and one for the larges.   It was hard.  Our yard is pretty big, but there aren't a lot of places to hide eggs.

I set the table with pots filled with Home Depot's best sod.  Trader Joe's tulips looked great in these cute little glasses I have.  Colored eggs, sparkly eggs, and egg candles helped fill it out.

The girls and I collected sticks from the yard to make the egg tree.  Those candy filled jars have to go!  Every time I walk by I filch some jelly beans.  Oh, and do I need some art for the walls?  They look so bare!

The table looked pretty good after I added the cupcakes and other sweets.  I really wanted a river rock runner down the middle of the table - oh and it would be nice if we installed the new lights we've had forever.

B and I came up with this cute garland.  Charley laid out the colors. 

What would an egg hunt be without a Bunny?

I bet you are wondering where I found a bunny on short notice?  When we were at swim lessons on Monday, I mentioned to Beth, (who brings Larkin to lessons) that i was having this party.  She just happens to have a Mom with a bunny suit.  And she hires out.  WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

This is Parker - isn't she a sweetie?

Here is B.  She dressed herself this day. 
Where is Cha Cha you ask?  Hiding under my skirt.
No, I am serious.  Under my skirt.

Cambria, she was the best dressed of the day.

With her brother.

Finn, Trip, their mom and part of Parker.

Lucas manned up and said hi to the bunny.

Violet.  She is so cute.

Finn and the bunny became good friends.

These three brothers are something else, I love them!

We called all the kids outside, and I had to drop a booming voice to get a couple of kids back onto the patio to wait for the official start.  Not to name names, but one of those kids was B.  The Bunny waved her hands and the kids were off.

Some kids brought baskets, other got colored bags
I found at Party City.

Little Lola - you know, I apparently only invited really cute kids.

No golden egg or prizes, maybe when they are older.
I didn't want any hurt feelings.

Here is that little no nap stinker.  Oh, she was a bad one that day.

The Easter Bunny brought candy that he(she)
passed out along with some Playdoh filled eggs 
I found at Target. 
Here is a member of my own little Motley Crew.

I think the party was OK.  Mike made Ina Garten's beef tenderloin sandwiches with a blue cheese sauce and arugala.  I made two wonderful salads.  A broccolini salad from 101 Cookbooks and a Shaved Spring Vegetable Salad  (with tarragon vinaigrette) from Martha Stewart, this fab potato salad from Movable Feast, plus all the wonderful stuff people brought (like Keli's white sangria - yum, still have a bit stashed in the fridge).  Ooohh  and I made this grilled brie with honey and figs that Kim L. pinned on Pinterest.  Very good.  And cupcakes, and crispy peanut butter chocolate role, and Theresa's decorated sugar cookies.  Quite a bit of food.

Are there things i would do differently next year?  Yeah, start planning earlier.  As it was, I was running around and couldn't find stuff in boxes in the basement.  Oh, and I would plan some egg games for the kids too.  And not forget to inflate the bounce house.  We had over 20 kids and almost as many adults, so more organization would be key!

So, after Jennifer T. helped with with the dishes that Robin collected around the house, we got the kids off their sugar high, into their pjs and into bed.  Then I filled their eggs and Mike hid them.  Then bed.  For a minute anyway - because Charley was making all kinds of noise.  Arg.  6:40 came early the next morning - that is when B woke up.  We made her lie quietly - a true impossibility - with us until 7, then she went into egg hunting mode.  Charley slept in for a bit.

Here is the Bunny Booty.

Some more booty.  B has been waiting for jelly beans for two weeks!

What she has been wanting since before Valentines Day (when two things happened, we got the turtle and I forgot to order it) Boris Tyrannosaurus.

And a little gnome to watch over her strawberry plants.

Cha Cha finally woke up and went straight for the goods.  Pjs, a book...


a Cinderella dress.

Let the egg hunt commence!

After that, we made some breakfast and started making the few things we were taking up to Lee's.  The shaved spring vegetable salad and malt ball ice cream (and I forgot the malt balls, thankfully Lee had extra candy!).  The little girls were so excited to see the big girls.  B kept asking when we were leaving.

Lee's beautiful table with her cute bunny plates.

More goods for the girls.

Jess didn't make it home (big tear) but Skyped us for the eggs hunt.
The good thing about Jess not being there (the only thing)?
Someone else has the chance to find the golden egg.

Annual Easter picture.
(Technology allowing Jess to be in it - she is Skyping on the iPad.)

Let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Sorry about the sidewise photo.  Nothing I did fixed it.
B and Joe found the egg.

Why she wore the Belle dress instead of Cinderella,
I will never know.  I guess Belle is the bees knees.

The girls having been playing together more and more.
They squabble some, Charley pushed B's buttons,
B pushed Charley.  They'll work it out.

Lee gave B a tent.  It was a huge hit. 

Lee also gave the girls these cute water bottles.  BPA Free.
They are so light weight. This is the packaging.

Aren't they cute?

Lee had good food as usual.  Cabbage and noodles.  Sausage, corn casserole, two egg and sausage casserole, rolls, my salad, fruit.  It was all so good.  I swore I wasn't ever going to eat again, then I ate cabbage and noodles and a cupcake today.  ARG!!!! 

So, it was a good Easter.   Lots of fun and family and friends.  And maybe a couple of extra pounds but who is counting.  

 Here are a couple of bonus photos of the girls that I thought were cool.


 We get a rainbow in the same place every afternoon.   The kids love it.  Boy, the are so much better behaved in pictures aren't they?

Til next time!  You know, five weeks from now.....

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Nichole said...

Two hundred and FIFTY eggs hidden?? Yeah. You guys DESERVED some extra jelly beans!! Love all the pics...sounds like you all had a lot of fun! Gigi found her basket (despite strict instructions the night before) while we were all still sleeping. Those 5 year olds...